There Is No Security!

Let me be clear: there is no solid security measure which cannot be defeated by a determined thief.  When the Christians are gone, they will try the best-possible solution that will STILL be subject to fraud: implanted chips, possibly with biometrics.  Good luck with that.

The old swipe-yer-card-in-the-reader credit cards are easy to physically copy, and you just need a photo of the front and/or back, maybe, depending how you plan to use the card.  The new wave-yer-card-near-the-display cards can be read and accessed from large distances, then copied or used to approve transactions remotely.  But supposedly they are more secure because you have to know a PIN.  Well, kinda.  These are being phased in by law here soon, at which point my banks will no longer be able to honor my demands for a non-RFID enabled card (current count in my wallet: zero) and I’ll go to a metal wallet to shield my money.

Anyway the very newest of the new technology is not quite as secure as they thought, maybe.  Turns out with a cell phone waved NEAR someone’s wallet, a hacker can authorize up to a million-dollar transaction on your card.


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