[deleted] Your Wedding.

You have a wedding planned here?  It’s been months in the works, family is flying out from the mainland?  Your heart was set on being married in such an idyllic location?  Well the President wants to play golf here.  Your wedding schedule can go [deleted] itself, he’s more important than you.

You stay classy, President Obama!  Hi five!

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DW is shocked and disappointed in our POTUS for this.  I reminded her that his political philosophy STARTS at taking at gunpoint from those who are productive and giving to the slackers.  It doesn’t go uphill from there.

It’s That Time of Year Again

That time of year when we all wish each other a Merry Christmas while watching the juniper trees pollinate the air so heavily it looks like the hills are on fire.  My neck of the woods had a count of about 5500 grains per cubic meter.  Tens of thousands of grains of pollen in most folks’ mucosae isn’t a problem.  For me . . . it’s a good thing I had the day off from work yesterday, because I was pretty much useless.  If this sort of thing keeps up, I’ll have to go see an allergist, because this is ridiculous.

For Your Doctoral Thesis

Since I’m not likely to be writing a paper on the subject anytime soon…

Your eyes are shaking.  But you’re good though, not to worry!  Ocular microtremor is a thing where your eyeballs move juuuust a little bit, a few nanometers, something like an average of 83 cycles per second.  The theory is that this allows your eyes to “oversample” presented visual data.  Every time your eyes shift a little, a small fraction of a second has passed, and your eye sees a very slightly different perspective on a moment-later presentation of the same scene.  You “see” the “same scene” more times, with slightly different parts of your sensor.  This allows you to gather more visual data.   Because math.

So where’s the doctoral thesis, VFD?

For some time now, I have known that I perceive my circumstances -visually- faster than the people around me can.  It totally made sense when I heard several years ago that professional race car drivers can “see” faster than your average spectator.  The average schlub walking 5th avenue, his eyes may tremor at 40 or even 30Hz, and he never notices the world around him.  A good race car driver can see a hazard and react to it before the spectators and commentators ever notice.

The hypothesis is, professional race drivers have a significantly-higher rate of OMT than average people.  Do his eyes tremor at a higher frequency, 150 or even 200Hz?  And do they move more, less, or the same amount?  Or is the difference totally unrelated to the drivers’ OMT?  Or am I full of [deleted] and totally on the wrong track?

Hat tip: Slashdot, where a slightly different subject was in discussion

Tell Me Again?

Tell me again, how we are not being mocked as a people. The Théâtre de la Sécurité de l’Aéroport sticks a finger in your wife’s hoo-hah, strip-searches your grandmother, feels you up, records naked pictures of you in the radiate-your-whole-body scanner, all in the name of security. But the TSA agents themselves are exempt from scrutiny, as are pilots, 4Real Police People, and baggage handlers. Baggage handlers get searched maybe once every month or three.

They tell us that these are the most trustworthy of people. We’ve got Top Men screening them before hire. Just nevermind the one guy who was a terrorist a while back. And if you could also please nevermind the guy* who was just caught with 18 guns, half of them loaded, in his carry-on luggage. Also do not inquire into how he ran HUNDREDS of guns from atlanta to New York, on commercial flights alongside you with your confiscated nail clippers and toothpaste.

Please step over here. It’s all for your safety, citizen! Madea was correct: she was owed “a cigarette or somethin'” but we’ve become accustomed to this mistreatment at the hands of our “servants”. Well, some of us. My family drives on vacations, and we have since the 1990s, because I resented the security theater treating me like a felon on my way into a supermax facility just for daring to want to get somewhere faster.  And that was BEFORE all the TSA silliness began.

Boycott the fake security. It’s what we do.


*The communist sez: “He was just trying to feed his family, you see. Society has oppressed him! He is practically a victim!”

Learn Something New, Every Day!

I, for one, did not know that we went to war over oil. NO, stupid, not THAT war! The war after the War to End All Wars. And we started it. Kinda. Not really, but weak leadership from the POTUS didn’t help anyway.

Cliffs: In 1941 . . .

  • Japan be all up in China’s business
  • USA supplies almost all Japan’s oil and refined petroleum products
  • USA starts licensing shipments of anything to Japan but grants all the licenses
  • President Roosevelt took a short vacation
  • An administration official decided to cut off the licenses (and all trade with Japan)
  • President returns, decides to keep the licenses cut off
  • Japan sees they will soon run out of energy, national leadership undergoes dramatic change with stronger militaristic overtones
  • USA builds air bases across the Pacific Ocean to support a potential war effort, just in case
  • Japan’s new leaders see the new bases as proof of USA hostility
  • Japan attacks USA to prevent being starved of oil
  • (fast forward)
  • Japan, starved for oil in spite of striking first with bullets/bombs, with ALL but two of her cities carpet-firebombed and/or nuked, surrenders a few years later.

See, I didn’t know that “Smart Diplomacy” has a history of egging on people who could have been peaceful (toward us) to war with us in such a dramatically-similar fashion to what is going on today.

Hold on there.

Today, VFD?

Yeah, today.  Russia acts to defend herself when a buffer state (Ukraine) is looking like it will go to NATO and stop being a buffer against the west.  Russia (approximately) gobbles up the Crimean peninsula.  The West imposes sanctions.  The sanctions fail to dent Russia at all, then Russia imposes sanctions and everybody sort-of starts sucking worse than usual in Europe and Russia both.

What does this have to do with Japan, c. 1941 though?  C’mon VFD live in the now!

Russia supplies Europe with natural gas and oil.  As in, without Russian gas and oil, Europe no-kidding collapses as a society.  Russia cutting off energy exports to Europe will damage Europe every bit as much as a shooting war.  And guess who holds the chips in this game of poker?  Hint: it ain’t Europe.  Sure, producers in the USA would be happy to triple energy prices and send tankers over there, and so would China, Venezuela, etc.  That would take, what, a couple of years?  A year at least.  There is no infrastructure to support international (non-Russian) oil and gas supplies in the extent that Europe would need them, if Russia cuts Europe off.

Now I ask you, what is keeping Russia from cutting Europe off cold?




The good will of one V. Putin, that’s what.  And we’re standing outside the sliding glass doors on the back side of his house, pissing on his patio.

This is politics only, my friends.  Simply politics.  Another name for the current situation is “cold” war.  History may not repeat itself exactly, but it does tend to rhyme.  And right now it looks like Dr. Seuss is setting up one humm-dinger of a rhyme with Russian oil and natural gas supplies to the EU.  M. Shedlock notes that Russia could close some valves and trigger a shockwave and the collapse of QUADRILLIONS of dollars worth of derivative investments linked to … well, linked to the idea of the economy of Europe not collapsing.  The worst case is global nuclear war.  A somewhat distant second (from across the pond) is tens or hundreds of millions of Europeans dead due to a societal collapse.  And Russia doesn’t have to fire a shot to do it to them.

Do you call it “war” when your actions cause millions of foreigners to die?  Even if you’re shooting paper airplanes instead of bullets?

“war is the pointy end of politics”

Time To Go Cold Turkey Again?

Mr. Coffee was recycled due to persistent failure to drip, even after cleaning. As an automatic-drip coffee maker, that was a pretty serious offense warranting capitol punishment. Just one problem:

I was used to his [deleted]. He took too long to brew the coffee as his check valve was failing. Mr. NewPot gets it done in a hurry, and there’s no “over extraction” anywhere in sight. This means the same coffee run through this different pot tastes different. And since there’s no over extracting, the flavor is nowhere near as strong as the former Mr. Coffee was giving, with his 10-minutes-of-steaming-fail marathon coffee brewing sessions. So I’ve been experimenting with ever-larger loads of coffee grounds through the percolator and I think I’m noticing that the more coffee I use the less it works to reduce my sleepyness. A couple of years ago I took a month off* of caffeine and it restored my ability to exist without a pint of chest-hair induction potion. Maybe it’s time to do that again. Just one problem:

I have this pesky habit of looking up as I’m [activity]ing and noticing it’s well into the wee hours of the morning. And the wee hours of the morning is when I need to wake up to get ready for work. So I drink a belt of coffee, and make that a strong one . . . Something has to give here, and I suspect it’s going to be me, giving up that last couple hours of the night and the first couple in the morning. Well, giving up wakefulness during those times anyway. These times. Lordy I’ve done it again. Off to bed I go!

*”I’m not addicted. I can quit whenever I want. I don’t have a problem!”

Comic Sans: LOL

Apparently it is a kick-you-in-the-jimmies level offense to some people when the Comic Sans font is used in comics and graphic novels.  At this point in my life, I don’t really have an opinion (or care) but it is amusing to me to know that some people actually get worked-up enough about this to write on the subject.

I was going to post this in Comic Sans font for the heck of it, but it took longer than 20 seconds to figure out how to tell WordPress which font to use, so I shrugged and didn’t.

Dirka Dirka Jihad

We turned on the televisor to a news channel last night and  there was a scene of obvious police activity with a scroll text saying something about two policemen being killed in New York City.  As I am the font of all wisdom when it comes to politics and current affairs in our home, DW turned and asked me

DW: What’s going on?
VFD: I dunno, I guess a couple cops got killed in NY.  I call dirka-dirka jihad.

I had a slight reservation though, thinking it would be possibly some crazy person who was “only” crazy.  The initial narrative later in the day was this was “payback” for the death of E. Garner in police custody.  That didn’t quite jibe with the cop-killer shooting his own girlfriend earlier in the day, nor with his suicide.  You could barely find out the killer was black, but it could be guessed from the narrative being woven in front of our eyes.  Then today we read that some bum on the street forgot to check with the national press as to what sort of guy this was supposed to be.  Turns out the New York cop killer was a muslim, attempting to strike fear in their hearts.  Like a good muslim. 

Oops.  We’ll see this week how much press coverage THAT little factoid gets!

Hat tip: Instapundit


He was also apparently an idiot.  Anyone who thinks it is useful in any way to go kill some police as vengeance for the death of someone who died of ill health while in custody of the police, is a fool.  If you think Garner was killed BY police, you are either a fool or very poorly-informed.  If you think killing police in the USA solves or helps anything, or will make them LESS inclined toward violence, you have another thing coming.  And if you go try to make a political statement with violence* and then kill yourself after you have spoken, you are a coward.  Face the consequences of your choices like a man.  Mohammed didn’t kill HIMself after he murdered people, now did he?

*yes, political statement.  He thought police should have a different policy, which would lead to a different outcome for Garner and all others similarly situated.  That is politics.  Marching in the street is a way to protest.  Killing police is a much less-useful way, but still is a way to protest.  He made a political statement and then chickened out of the prison that would be coming afterward.  For a contrasting example, here is someone who actually made a difference in the politics of an oppressive government who is an example of not hiding from jail time.

Not . . . Going . . .to . . . Make It!

This one makes 3909 published posts on VoteForDavid.  I started this little spleen-venting exercise in February of 2008.  Things slowed down pretty drastically about the same time as I figured out a way to make a few thousand dollars a year in my spare time.  I seriously doubt I’ll reach 4000 posts in the next couple of months at the rate I’ve been posting lately.  But hey, I haven’t totally abandoned the ol’ girl and six is practically turned-to-dust ancient in blog years.  It has been a while, however, since I observed the Iron Rule of Blogging If You Want Regular Readers: post (something) every single day.  I have found a new timesuck, and it’s profitable even after taxes, so – no(t so much) content for YOU!

Meh.  It’ll pick back up again sometime.  Probably.

Here We Go?

From Russia to Europe, the global currency crisis might be starting while we sleep tonight.  So says the only economist I trust and read frequently.


So the Great Depression 2.0 might just be on its way finally to the second major downturn.  Certainly a global economic crisis must come, because the people who caused the first one (central banks and politicians) figured the way to prevent it was do the same things as caused the crash in 2008-2009 but do more of them.  A crash is coming.  Has it finally arrived?