CDC Agrees With God?

Know right off the bat that the American Academy of Pediatrics (yes, the same one that advocated *minor* female genital mutilation) says they feel passionately that circumcision is bad, mmmkay?  The AAP also said not to give water to babies.  The AAP is currently deprecated in my opinion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (note the difference in agency names?) says circumcision can

  • Reduce risk of “HIV infection” from an “infected” FEMALE partner 50-60% (the evidence is not there for but seks male partners)
  • Reduce risk of herpes and genital warts (which leads to cervical cancer in women) by 30% or more
  • Reduce UTI in infancy
  • Reduce penile cancer in adult men

 But it’s all terribly judeo-christian, so there is political opposition.  Screw it.  God gave a blanket rule for his chosen people to do it.  I’m a different sort of chosen person, but anytime God gives blanket advice you can be sure it is a good idea, even if it was not directed at you.


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