Love the Sinner

A while back, the radio news was talking about a Texas school that says they ought not to refer to boys and girls as “boys” and “girls”.  This is a disservice to all involved.  Sure there are some mentally disordered children of bad parents who mis-self-identify their sex.  But to treat this as normal is BAD and WRONG.  These children need a biology lesson:

Biology teacher: ok kids, go in the head and look down between your legs
(fast forward 5 minutes)
BT: did you see a dick?  You are male and a boy.  If you saw a snatch, you are female and a girl.  This is not open for debate
LGBTQ Students: oooooooh see nobody explained that before!

If you intentionally sew confusion in the heart of your child, it is ABUSE.  If you do not tell them the proper God-ordained nature of their sexual identity, it is ABUSE.  The school and the parents have the ability (obligation?) to prevent a lifetime of shame and confusion, self-hate (which leads to drugs/depression/suicide in too many cases) by simply stating the obvious about their biology and properly counseling what the children should think of themselves and their equipment.

Hold on there.

To be perfectly clear: if you do NOT tell a child they are what they plainly are, but let them think something false about themselves, you are being


toward that child.  Do you WANT them to have a life of shame, confusion, ostracization, and possibly perversion, drugs, depression, and suicide?  NO?  SERIOUSLY?  Then tell them the plain truth!  To allow them to continue in confusion is the hateful activity, not speaking the truth in love!  Do you love your child?  Then set them on the correct mental path!

Love your children and treat them with love.  Tell them penis = boy and vagina = girl.  If you do this properly, your children will be much better off for it.


This is what happens when society goes away from a set moral code.  If anything goes, then anything goes.  If YOU don’t know what’s right your child sure as hell won’t, and it will get worse in the next generation, and then you end up in zombietime! (NSFW/NSFL link, beware of … the reality on display)


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