Tell Me Again, How This is Not Evil

Today we learn that the President of the United States is directing his government to ignore the criminal histories of applicants for long term visas who want to come to the USA.  Also, Professor “the people are too stupid to accept Obamacare” Gruber is testifying before Congress today.  President Obama is also revealed to have not signed an executive order, but merely to have merely written a memorandum of instruction to DHS to not deport 5 million illegal aliens.  But you don’t hear much of that on the alphabet news networks because the CIA “torture” report summary is also being released today.

 Nevermind that no-one in the press has had time to read the 500+ page document yet, they are going to run with it for probably a week.  You are learning that Brown was attacking the cop and Garner was never choked at all, and we need a new distraction. So this.

 The serious people who should be listened to have repeatedly stressed that releasing this report will lead to violence and death.  But, you see, we need something really BIG to distract you now.  So we’ll release it.

Hold on there.

 I have often said that “war is the pointy end of politics” and I reiterate it here, with a real-life example for you of how the axiom is true.  They release this report.  It causes outrage among people who already are outraged at us because of who they are, and this will lead to violence and death.  Death of foreigners (who cares!?) and also death of YOUR CHILDREN in the American military, in the future wars to come.

 Your elected heroes and their appointed flunkies are sacrificing the lives of people in the future, for a *slight* political expediency today.  But hey, it’s just politics.

 Way to elect ’em, America.  Way to go.


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