Sometimes A Little Anti-Islamism Isn’t Enough

~ or, What’s the Worst That Could Happen? ~

China, seeing their investments in Iraqi oil fields evaporating as ISIS steals their refineries one by one, has gotten a clue.  They are making noises about helping to fight IS in Iraq.  I think it wouldn’t hurt China’s feelings to regain their Syrian oil fields from IS also, but that comes later.

For now, we only have one of our main *ahem* competitors talking about intervention in the same place we are for-sure 100% NOT until after the next election putting boots on the ground.  Stand by for “oopsies” friendly fire incidents from either side.  Worst case is World War III from the response to that.

Then again, maybe China just uses the war they are about to join, as practice for when they forcibly convert China to the proper Mainland way of Doing Things.  To which the rest of the civilized world might respond in kind, and we get WWIII from that too.

Or maybe they want to get some better exercise for their military than suppressing islamic minorities in china.  Or maybe they want a chance to field-prove their newest Chengdu fighter.

Or maybe they just want their oil infrastructure back?

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