Dirka Dirka Jihad

We turned on the televisor to a news channel last night and  there was a scene of obvious police activity with a scroll text saying something about two policemen being killed in New York City.  As I am the font of all wisdom when it comes to politics and current affairs in our home, DW turned and asked me

DW: What’s going on?
VFD: I dunno, I guess a couple cops got killed in NY.  I call dirka-dirka jihad.

I had a slight reservation though, thinking it would be possibly some crazy person who was “only” crazy.  The initial narrative later in the day was this was “payback” for the death of E. Garner in police custody.  That didn’t quite jibe with the cop-killer shooting his own girlfriend earlier in the day, nor with his suicide.  You could barely find out the killer was black, but it could be guessed from the narrative being woven in front of our eyes.  Then today we read that some bum on the street forgot to check with the national press as to what sort of guy this was supposed to be.  Turns out the New York cop killer was a muslim, attempting to strike fear in their hearts.  Like a good muslim. 

Oops.  We’ll see this week how much press coverage THAT little factoid gets!

Hat tip: Instapundit


He was also apparently an idiot.  Anyone who thinks it is useful in any way to go kill some police as vengeance for the death of someone who died of ill health while in custody of the police, is a fool.  If you think Garner was killed BY police, you are either a fool or very poorly-informed.  If you think killing police in the USA solves or helps anything, or will make them LESS inclined toward violence, you have another thing coming.  And if you go try to make a political statement with violence* and then kill yourself after you have spoken, you are a coward.  Face the consequences of your choices like a man.  Mohammed didn’t kill HIMself after he murdered people, now did he?

*yes, political statement.  He thought police should have a different policy, which would lead to a different outcome for Garner and all others similarly situated.  That is politics.  Marching in the street is a way to protest.  Killing police is a much less-useful way, but still is a way to protest.  He made a political statement and then chickened out of the prison that would be coming afterward.  For a contrasting example, here is someone who actually made a difference in the politics of an oppressive government who is an example of not hiding from jail time.


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