Not . . . Going . . .to . . . Make It!

This one makes 3909 published posts on VoteForDavid.  I started this little spleen-venting exercise in February of 2008.  Things slowed down pretty drastically about the same time as I figured out a way to make a few thousand dollars a year in my spare time.  I seriously doubt I’ll reach 4000 posts in the next couple of months at the rate I’ve been posting lately.  But hey, I haven’t totally abandoned the ol’ girl and six is practically turned-to-dust ancient in blog years.  It has been a while, however, since I observed the Iron Rule of Blogging If You Want Regular Readers: post (something) every single day.  I have found a new timesuck, and it’s profitable even after taxes, so – no(t so much) content for YOU!

Meh.  It’ll pick back up again sometime.  Probably.

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