Time To Go Cold Turkey Again?

Mr. Coffee was recycled due to persistent failure to drip, even after cleaning. As an automatic-drip coffee maker, that was a pretty serious offense warranting capitol punishment. Just one problem:

I was used to his shit. He took too long to brew the coffee as his check valve was failing. Mr. NewPot gets it done in a hurry, and there’s no “over extraction” anywhere in sight. This means the same coffee run through this different pot tastes different. And since there’s no over extracting, the flavor is nowhere near as strong as the former Mr. Coffee was giving, with his 10-minutes-of-steaming-fail marathon coffee brewing sessions. So I’ve been experimenting with ever-larger loads of coffee grounds through the percolator and I think I’m noticing that the more coffee I use the less it works to reduce my sleepyness. A couple of years ago I took a month off* of caffeine and it restored my ability to exist without a pint of chest-hair induction potion. Maybe it’s time to do that again. Just one problem:

I have this pesky habit of looking up as I’m [activity]ing and noticing it’s well into the wee hours of the morning. And the wee hours of the morning is when I need to wake up to get ready for work. So I drink a belt of coffee, and make that a strong one . . . Something has to give here, and I suspect it’s going to be me, giving up that last couple hours of the night and the first couple in the morning. Well, giving up wakefulness during those times anyway. These times. Lordy I’ve done it again. Off to bed I go!

*”I’m not addicted. I can quit whenever I want. I don’t have a problem!”

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