Tell Me Again?

Tell me again, how we are not being mocked as a people. The Théâtre de la Sécurité de l’Aéroport sticks a finger in your wife’s hoo-hah, strip-searches your grandmother, feels you up, records naked pictures of you in the radiate-your-whole-body scanner, all in the name of security. But the TSA agents themselves are exempt from scrutiny, as are pilots, 4Real Police People, and baggage handlers. Baggage handlers get searched maybe once every month or three.

They tell us that these are the most trustworthy of people. We’ve got Top Men screening them before hire. Just nevermind the one guy who was a terrorist a while back. And if you could also please nevermind the guy* who was just caught with 18 guns, half of them loaded, in his carry-on luggage. Also do not inquire into how he ran HUNDREDS of guns from atlanta to New York, on commercial flights alongside you with your confiscated nail clippers and toothpaste.

Please step over here. It’s all for your safety, citizen! Madea was correct: she was owed “a cigarette or somethin'” but we’ve become accustomed to this mistreatment at the hands of our “servants”. Well, some of us. My family drives on vacations, and we have since the 1990s, because I resented the security theater treating me like a felon on my way into a supermax facility just for daring to want to get somewhere faster.  And that was BEFORE all the TSA silliness began.

Boycott the fake security. It’s what we do.


*The communist sez: “He was just trying to feed his family, you see. Society has oppressed him! He is practically a victim!”


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