Madness At Work!

As a small company, we have the ability to do fun things just for fun sometimes, but we do try to respect one another’s feelings and be safe.  For example, they put a stop to riding on forklifts . . . on the forks of forklifts, and I was once reprimanded for quoting Dr. Laura.

 One of the things I do with IT Buddy is called the Penis Game.  It consists of saying “penis” at odd moments.  I was walking toward the head, and he was coming out from the head.  The wife of one of the owners of the company works in the front office, and she came into the area about the same time.  I saw ITB’s wheels turn when he saw me, then I saw him glance sidelong at our female co-worker, and back at me, and he was quiet as he walked away from the bathroom door.  I told him “I saw what you did.” and he laughed.

Small company, big fun!

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