:Facepalm: – worthty Medical News

The quality of students coming out of Schools of Journalism continues to be a cause for dismay among the thinking persons of the world.  Just TODAY we have two complete failures of what used to be common sense.


hmm… this is awfully close on the heels of the CDC saying circumcision was commendable, in that the demonstrated medical benefits outweigh the very small risks involved with the surgery.  Let me spend more time on google than 100% of reporters apparently did and ….ah, here we are:

Science: little bitty babies exposed to pain killer in Tylenol have increased autism rates.

We gave our sons anesthetic gels applied to the site directly.  Who feeds drugs to a baby that’s not sick, anyway?

and then:

Headline: Depo Provera contraceptive increases (DOUBLE!!!) risk of spreading HIV!!!

My first thought was: I bet those chicks are going raw-dog because they’re on the shot.  100% for-sure this is why they are spreading the “HIV” at higher rates, I bet you a dollar.  In the same search result, from the same website (!) we find:

Science: Depo-Provera Has No Effect on Transmission of HIV

WHEEEEE that was fun.  In related news, drinking water is directly linked to dying from ebola, and exposure to oxygen causes side effects strongly linked to death.  Because of course, for reporting purposes, correlation is THE SAME as causation.  Don’t even think how, it’s a link and that proves the cause because SCIENCE!


Doomed, that’s what we are.


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