Yeah, That’s The Problem

“Once people can understand how climate sensitivity is determined, they will realize how little evidence for alarm there is.” – Dr. Matt Briggs

A new climate model has been developed that (crucially) does not overestimate the feedback mechanisms in the global climate, and (also crucially) does not mis-apply an equation that works for electronics but not for the global climate.  This new model predicts warming in line with observation, and says there is nothing to worry about.

But the problem is, if nobody worries, then global capitalism need not be stopped.  Third world nations will be allowed to go on progressing toward the standards of living of western civilization and nobody will be able to keep them down short of imposing unpleasant military controls!  My friends, this new model must be discredited at all costs, or the Revolution will be discredited in the eyes of the proletariat!  Uh, I mean, or people will stop reducing their carbon footprints and carry on exploiting global resources as if there is nothing bad happening!

If you don’t read Watts Up With That, you should start.  It’ll keep you from being scared about man-made climate change by showing you actual science that says there isn’t any.


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