Veeeeeery Interesting!

There were shenanigans in the national Republican party recently.  The harder-right-wing conservatives very nearly got the most-influential Republican removed from his position of leadership in Congress.  It was widely expected that speaker Boehner would retaliate by removing these conservative-er political adversaries from positions of influence and committee chairs, etc.

He has therefore been very frustrating to his previous Republican (in name only) allies: he conservative bloc has been punished for their status as political upstarts – by giving them power and influence in Congress?!  Either it is, A) as Instapundit says, a case of “keeping your enemies closer,” B) Boehner remains a pragmatist and sees which way the wind is blowing for now, or C) Boehner has had some kind of a change of heart, and will be changing from a RINO to some sort of an actual Conservative.

Time will tell.  President Obama now has nothing to lose, and it has been apparent that he also has nothing to fear from the “opposition” party in Congress.  We’ll see, we’ll see.


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