Good News From This Weekend

My kindergartener (#3) brought home a book about Martin King Jr.  He started to read it but the words are too advanced so I read it to him.  That’s not the good news.

On the way home from a park the other day, my SIXTH grader (#1) asked “who’s Martin Luther King Jr.?” which blew my mind right before a brief introduction to MLK’s main legacy was given.  That’s not the good news.

When I went to read the book to #3, I called #1 and #2 over and read it to all of them.  This book glosses over the unpleasantness of the times.  Several times I paused during the reading to explain the way things used to be in the good old U.S. of A.  The good news is that, when I was explaining the way black people used to be treated here, they couldn’t really get their heads around it.  It was so foreign to their life experience and stupid, their innocent little brains had trouble with it.

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