Some People Might Say . . .

There is a show on the idiot box wherein one of the little boys made a noise like an eagle.  CREEEEEEEEEeeeeee!!!  and it reminded me again, and I LOLd so I’ll note this for you in case you missed it.

The Vatican has moved into the last century, at long last.  Instead of releasing doves as a symbol of peace, they have moved onto synthetic birds made of plastic and helium.  I think they would still be using doves, but it was more “trauma” than “peace” last time, when two different types of birds of prey came at the two doves when they were released.

Some people, in a more simplistic time, might have taken the attack on their peace pigeons as a sign of Divine displeasure.  Not them, I guess.  Just bad technique.  Better luck next year.  I mean, the man does claim to stand in the place of Christ after all!  The assumption* is he knows what he is about!

*wrong, but try convincing him of that!


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