“I Am Not A Crook.”

“I will finally end the abuse of no-bid contracts once and for all,” -Candidate Obama, 2008


(finds out governmentin’ is hard, and rules suck)

“I want new airplanes.  Buy me these ones, in particular.” -President Obama, 2014**

We “need” new aircraft for Air Force One.  There are two major companies currently making airliners currently capable of international travel without stopping to refuel.  We have decided to forego the competitive bidding process entirely and use the product of the company we like better.*


*the other company has a worrisome tendency for their planes to break up in flight for no particularly good reason, plus they are dang furriners and we can bygod make union-labor-made planes right here in the USA.  I’m actually 100% in support of this decision – just pointing out that our President is a liar.  Again.  Still.

**This is a VFD paraphrase.  It is entirely possible that he does or does not have any input into this decision-making process.  Even so, HE is the CinC and running DoD so it’s still his call.


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