On the way out of the parking lot at the children’s school this morning, I got stuck at the exit lane.  Right in front of me was traffic zipping past at n miles per hour, until the light changed and traffic stacked up all the way to my exit, and beyond.  In front of me was a mid-level luxury sedan with a small family inside.  Mom, two kids.  One child in front, one in the back, leaning against the back of the front seat.


So this is a luxury car.  The front seat is far from the back seat.  This kid was not only not in a 3-point seat belt, he wasn’t in a seat belt at all.  So what did I do?  a) call 911 and report them b) jump out and berate the woman driving c) play peek-a-boo with the child in the back seat

Hint: on fark.com the answer is always c).  I don’t think he was ready for it, so instead of full-on play, I just got a glimmer of not-bored from the child.  A few more moments of standstill traffic, and he would have been ducking behind his windowsill like I was ducking behind my dashboard.  Oh well.

Sure, it’s against the law.  She’ll either get ticketed enough times for it to reconsider, or she’ll have a tragic accident and the child will suffer.  Then again, I remember being extremely incredulous when the first mandatory seat belt-wear laws came into effect, when they said “oh NOOOooooo we’ll NEVER make this  a primary offense!  We’ll not stop you JUST for not wearing your belts!”.  Uh-huh.  The world is too sterilized for children these days.  Let this one (and his mom) flout the law while they can.  Lord knows, we did our share of lying down in the back window, curling up in the footwells, etc, without any notable harm.  Let him remember a little taste of liberty . . . if he lives long enough!

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