I May be Dying

I have known for well over a decade that I can hardly deal with a regular, straight keyboard for my computer.  I am not exactly a candidate for Mr. Olympia, but my shoulders are wide and a regular keyboard makes me crank my wrists around uncomfortably.  I pretty much need a spread, split “ergonomic” keyboard for extended typing sessions.  I have been wearing out Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 keyboards for the past 8 years or so, and loving the layout.  But I made a mistake.

NP got a keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches and I touched it.  Now the membrane switches in the MS keyboard are killing me softly (and mushy-ly).  Every time I miss a keystroke because of inconsistent feel, or every time I bottom out a key and feel it squish, it’s like I die a little inside.  I think I am beginning to obsess over this.  So.  I must get a mechanical keyboard.  But NOBODY makes a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches AND a layout like the MS 4000.  Nobody, at any price.  I think Microsoft could sell a zillion of them, at a couple hundred dollars each – but they don’t make ’em.  They just started making a new keyboard with switches like the ones usually found on a laptop, which is an (arguable) improvement, but still not a full on CLIK mechanical switch board.

The solution apparently is that I am going to have to roll my own.  The 4000 is a 108 key board with 4 keys I don’t ever use, puls some “multimedia” keys I also never use.  If I could figure out how to duplicate the layout including the FUNKY compound-curved switches Microsoft uses, I think I could make a small fortune turning out keyboards – but I KNOW I could have at least one keyboard that doesn’t feel like the Death of a Thousand Cuts when I work.

 To be continued…

…pending availability of funds!


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