Chronic Parking Violators in Austin

These are being submitted to the Austin Police Department via their online tip reporting system every couple of days.  I’ve put through three sets of pictures like this so far and intend to continue, and have received approved Police Reports for two of them.   If you are one of these drivers, shame on you.  I hope eventually APD gets caught up on their backlog and you catch a full $500 fine for every one of these illegal parking jobs.    If you know any of these people, tell them they suck as human beings, or perhaps mention that the Police are being sent pictures of their cars illegally parked.

At mykids’ school, I was just ignoring people parking on the red curb and in the handicapped zone, but this was the final straw.  Because this pisses me off.  This one finally got me making submissions to the Police.  A crippled old lady walking on a CANE past the lazy bitch who couldn’t be bothered to find one of the less-convenient available parking spots.

This green Mercedes SUV license plate number BR7Y374 is a fat female who I see park here at least every-other day (probably every day, and I just don’t always show up at the same time as her).  At least when she gets back to the car, she drives away.

This white Nissan Sentra has a temporary tag 86W2350, and this fat female apparently also parks in the same handicapped spot at least every-other day, maybe every day and I just don’t see it.  This morning the parking lot was half empty and she STILL parked in the handicapped spot … and then took a few minutes after dropping off her anklebiter to PUT ON HER MAKEUP! At least today she was parked inside one spot, instead of overlapping two like this:

The other day, this white van was driven by another fat female, slowly, through the parking lot.  When I went to grab my camera to shoot the green Mercedes, she was blocking my shot, stopped on the red zone, heads-down on her cell phone.  Having JUST driven past a Drivers – No Talking No Texting sign.  License tag CSF7146.

This morning I was running a couple minutes late so I got to see a different violator for a change.  A skinny Asian female driving a gold Toyota Sienna license number CR8V735 stopped where the Mercedes SUV had been, and she went in the back door to unbuckle her kids.

I don’t know why I should be surprised.  The local drivers are pretty terrible at driving as well as parking.  The general failure is “lack of consideration for fellow motorists” on the road, why expect them to give a damn about some hypothetical cripple with a good reserved parking spot?

This is probably happening all over Austin all day every day.  That’s what happens when your local police force is short by a couple of THOUSAND officers (but hey, you got a new $50M ESL program in the schools so… )


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