If I steal a car and give it to my children, do they get to keep it? What if they have come to depend on it for transportation?  They’ve been using it for a REALLY LONG TIME!  They should totally be able to keep it!  I mean they even put money into maintenance, changed the brakes, oil, filters, stuff like that!

No?  Then why the [deleted] do you want to allow children to keep permanent residency when their parents brought them here in violation of our national laws?  I have family that came here illegally.  You know what they did next?  They got in damn line and became citizens and their children had exactly ZERO problems with citizenship status.  Don’t come crying to me (the taxpayer) if you want to stay. You’re Mexico(or wherever you came from)’s problem.  Go there and petition THEM to deal with the USA.  You have no standing and no right to BE here. *

Much less a right to protest that we may take away your reduced-fee IN-state tuition for college, and you’re a foreign national!

*P.S. in Mexico what they will usually do to foreign national children illegal immigrants is kick them out whatever end of the country they entered, and tell them to kick bricks.  Like we should do.


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