From the Archives:

I typed this up a couple of years ago on my scratch text file at work and only yesterday did it become useful to post for public consumption:

If a man can marry a man
He can marry a dog
or a computer
or a car
or your house
or his sister
or a few sisters
or whatever.

Marriage is a word.  Words have meanings.  This one has had a meaning since English, and the translation to other languages has the same meaning. (1) Man + (1) Woman = (1) Family to be protected and encouraged by the State

The facile retort, “How is Sam & Steve’s “gay marriage” hurting your third marriage?” is a straw man.  How is the interstate hooker muderer’s killing spree hurting your sex life?  How’s a rape in the next town over hurting your purity and chastity?

You want to change one of the fundaments of western civilization so that your preferred perversion is not only tolerated, not only accepted, but given preferential treatment the same way as one of the most wholesome and beneficial things in human experience.  No.


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