Re: The Duggar Boy Naughtiness

It has been a junior-grade flapdoodle in the press for a few days, and it is time for the noise to stop.  Exactly one person knows exactly what happened.  Five other people know parts of what happened.  The parents and local law enforcement and health officials have an idea, as well.  You, you pornographer, have no idea and no business knowing what happened.

All you know is, more than half a lifetime agone, a barely-teenaged boy did something unacceptable to five girls.  A couple of them were his sisters.  The records which were previously unlooked-at have been destroyed in an excellent move by the local Police.  One assumes that this family which was maybe locally-famous for having a bunch of children but not-yet-at-the-time internationally famous (and wealthy) could probably not have gotten by with counseling if their boy raped five girls.  So somewhere between rape and a kiss on the cheek, you have something bad enough to talk to the Police and a head shrinker about, but not bad enough to incur Sex Offender status or a criminal record to speak of.

And you are freaking out.

Look, this has been dealt with.  If any of the other parents thought the dealing-with were inappropriate, surely they would have said so at the time.  You are only hearing freak-out about this in the news because YOU didn’t hear about this a couple of decades ago.  And you just can’t wait to hear the salacious details of what this handsome young man did to those girls.  Well you know what?

You don’t get details.

Its’ none of your business.  The local authorities at the time caused Justice to be served, and whatever personal issues you are projecting onto the Duggar family have nothing to do with this time of weakness in one boy’s life.  Or, if you insist on talking details:

You are a horrible person and a terrible gossip.

You want these “victims” to dredge up possibly hurtful, traumatic memories, just so you can see what happened to them.  This is the worst sort of voyeurism.  Shame on you.  If your imagination of what might have happened makes you not want to watch their show, don’t watch if it comes back on the air.  If it makes you want to not patronize the show’s sponsors, don’t.  But don’t you try and insist that people cause themselves mental harm just to satisfy your curiosity.


The stuff that gets people on Registries these days, used to be called “normal boyish behavior” by the way.  Nobody thought %behavior% was sex assault, it was just not a great idea.  Parents gave lectures and/or licks and it was not to be done any more.  Everybody relax for a few minutes and try to think of a time when children were allowed to be children, and the occasional grabassery was treated as childish, rather than criminal.  And remember this particular case was dealt with YEARS ago by the people whose job it was to deal with it – and those people ain’t YOU!

What the Hell, Austin?!

I don’t panic.  I can recall exactly one time I started to panic, then chilled myself out.  I was stuck, trapped in a confined space where nobody would have been able to rescue me.  After collecting my wits, I extracted myself.

Then today.  This morning, I was hacking up a lung, recovering from my recent sinus infection.  I thought.  I drove to Houston for the day, and didn’t think twice about breathing clearly all day.  Then I came back to the Hill Country.  Just past Washington County, maybe about Bastrop, and I had to fight off the onset of for-real panic.  My lungs were filling up with crap and I didn’t realize it until I had to calm myself.  I thought for a moment I was freaking out about driving through the gloaming, but I LOVE driving.  Dusk, dawn, day, night, rain, hail, fair weather, whatever.  I love it.  I wouldn’t panic about it!  It was my inability to respirate.


P.S., the drivers in Houston ALL speed.  Even the metro buses are going 15% over the speed limit.  But they are courteous.  Unlike the jerks on the road around here.

Your Next Million Dollars

McDonalds is must die.

They are going to attempt to sell off 3,500 corporate-owned stores to franchisees (AFTER the $15 wage was imposed) and they are going to adjust their menu.  They might very well have done okay, just losing by foisting their money-pit loser restaurants off onto franchisees.  But they are going to adjust their menu . . . to be healthier.

I stopped eating at McDonalds many years ago, because their food went from zOMG SALTED FRIES and yummy-burgers for cheap, to zUGH soggy fries with no salt and everything tastes like the cardboard box in which it is served.  The food at these restaurants, in brief, tastes terrible.  I don’t give a rat’s [deleted] if it is healthier.  If you refuse to cook with salt on your fries and your food is designed to be healthy but still tastes like eating paper, you will lose even more customers.

It doesn’t help that, every once in a while, they offend the morals of most of their customers by officially endorsing some whacko left-wing position until the boycotts make them pretend to take it back.  It may help that some restaurants will be doing delivery.  It certainly will help that breakfast will be available 24 hours a day like at every truck stop in the country for decades.


So, on to your next million dollars:  Buy a failing McDonald’s franchise and close it.  Open it again under the name OldDonald’s and sell the food that made McDonalds a national smash-hit popular restaurant chain.  With flavor in the burgers and salt in the fries.  Advertise it as “bringing back the tasty food you used to love.”  Put a warning on the front door: “this is not health food.  do not eat this every week” and then let the money start pouring in.  And don’t take official positions on anything except what kind of food you will serve.

It’s Not 1815 Anymore!

Famously, Hostess folded up and closed when they were unable to convince tens of thousands of unionized employees to take wage-and-benefits cuts.  They said “take cuts, or take pink slips.”  Two hundred years ago, it was possible for unions to run the show, because there was no alternative.  There is an alternative to simple, repetitive human labors now

The unions said they would rather have NO job than a less-well-paid job.  Go ask those workers if they are making more or less than they used to be.  No need asking if they are making more or fewer twinkies than they used to do, because they aren’t making any more twinkies.  The five-figure employment roll has been reduced to 500 workers tending a single plant that makes the same number of twinkies as used to be made in over a dozen plants.  How?

Robots.  Robots are making twinkies now.  Those good union jobs are not just gone, they are permanently gone.  And when new bakeries open, it would be STUPID not to make them dependent on human labor, instead of automatic machines.   So.  Robots to flip burgers instead of “fight for $15”  Robots to drive trucks instead of Teamsters.  Robots to carry loads into combat zones. Robots to butcher livestock.  Robots to build cars instead of the UAW.  Robots to harvest tomatoes.  Now, robots to make cakes instead of bakers’ unions.

You tell me: how much good are unions doing for their membership, now that they are so odious to the company owners they’d rather shut down than deal with unions, and robots are taking the place of all those union jobs?  If this were France, there would be a new law instituted preventing robots from making twinkies.  You know what would happen then?  Robots would make twinkies somewhere else.  You can’t hide from efficiency.  You can’t hide from profitability.  You can’t hide from the coming robotics revolution.

Adapt or die.   If you are in a low-wage job, your job is likely to be replaced with a robot and you will be sucking wind.  On the other hand, The Future used to be a time when people could just kick back and enjoy life while robots tend to everything.  That appeals to a lot of people, except the people whose profits pay for both the robots and the politicians.  This is how dystopian sci-fi novels get set up, except it’s coming soon to a country near you.  Good luck with that.