Your Next Million Dollars

McDonalds is must die.

They are going to attempt to sell off 3,500 corporate-owned stores to franchisees (AFTER the $15 wage was imposed) and they are going to adjust their menu.  They might very well have done okay, just losing by foisting their money-pit loser restaurants off onto franchisees.  But they are going to adjust their menu . . . to be healthier.

I stopped eating at McDonalds many years ago, because their food went from zOMG SALTED FRIES and yummy-burgers for cheap, to zUGH soggy fries with no salt and everything tastes like the cardboard box in which it is served.  The food at these restaurants, in brief, tastes terrible.  I don’t give a rat’s [deleted] if it is healthier.  If you refuse to cook with salt on your fries and your food is designed to be healthy but still tastes like eating paper, you will lose even more customers.

It doesn’t help that, every once in a while, they offend the morals of most of their customers by officially endorsing some whacko left-wing position until the boycotts make them pretend to take it back.  It may help that some restaurants will be doing delivery.  It certainly will help that breakfast will be available 24 hours a day like at every truck stop in the country for decades.


So, on to your next million dollars:  Buy a failing McDonald’s franchise and close it.  Open it again under the name OldDonald’s and sell the food that made McDonalds a national smash-hit popular restaurant chain.  With flavor in the burgers and salt in the fries.  Advertise it as “bringing back the tasty food you used to love.”  Put a warning on the front door: “this is not health food.  do not eat this every week” and then let the money start pouring in.  And don’t take official positions on anything except what kind of food you will serve.


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