Wow. You Shouldn’t Have Kicked That Dude In The Nuts, Bro.

I’m laying here watching Fox Sports 1 which coincidentally was on when I turned on the TV, and had some MMA fighting action going.  They hooked me with a promise of the main event, so I’ve been watching knockout after knockout of lightweights.  This last one was illustrative of a good point:

Don’t make a passive enemy mad at you.

This one mexican dude was going to win by decision, because he was the aggressor through rounds 1 and 2.  The skinny white boy he was fighting was looking mighty comfortable on the ground, showing very little imagination.  He could have stood up a bunch of times, but the white boy wanted to set up a triangle or an arm bar.  It wasn’t happening.  The Mexican guy was bleeding and slippery* and too good to be caught besides.  But the white guy kept trying, like was a training session at the gym.  He wasn’t being aggressive.  He was going to lose.  I started thinking the Mexican was going to knock the white guy out eventually, or the time would run out.

Then he kicked the white guy in the nuts.

In this ring, they would have given him five minutes to recover.  He took a minute or so, and came back a changed man.  He wasn’t at some dojo going through a seminar on fighting on your back.  He was in a fight, and now he wanted it.  He would have won round 3 on aggression and striking – but he got a good punch in, rang the other guy’s bell, and went to ground and pound.  The mexican guy lost, because he, himself, had put some fighting-mad into the white guy.

To quote Rick Perry: “Oops.”


*blood is like grease, when it’s fresh.  If you are covered in blood, you are hard to grab a tight hold of.  It’s better if you can make sure it is the blood of an adversary vs. your own, but your own blood can let you slip out of hold after hold.


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