The South Shall . . . um . . .

There has been much hoopla lately about the symbols of the Confederated States of America, and how “all” the press outlets, social media buddies, and people in general seem to think we should be busy erasing the blight of the historical events from our past from the collective national consciousness.

This is natural.  This is what happens when a war is fought to its true (military) end.  The victor writes the history, and the vanquished gets his penis stepped-on.  It is a little surprising to me that the Stars ‘n’ Bars battle flag has been allowed for so long.  The Union side won.  The Rebels lost.  Their ensigns will be taken from them, willy-nilly, a hundred-fifty years later.

Sure it is a symbol of heritage.  Your heritage is that you [deleted] LOST and your terms are still being dictated to you by the winners.  As the song says,

“If you don’t love it, leave it”

…again, if you can.  For the next few years I’ll just say “good luck with that” but the USA is headed for rocky shoals.  It will take Divine intervention and good leadership to steer us on a true course again.  We’re kicking God out every chance we get and, well, don’t get me started on our leadership.


Did I say I want to see the battle flag gone?  Did I say I want to see it stay?  Read it again.

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