Hey, I Know That Guy!

image: imgflip.com

I had a chance to spend a few hours with Greg Hamilton today.  He gives every impression of being a good guy.  The caption in the picture is almost verbatim what I told him.  He said he’s not sure he’s a democrat anymore, because of the Democrats they have these days.  I’m not sure I did anything to increase the rolls of the Republican party by pointing out the people running for President are actually not democrats, they’re Socialists.  But he’s been running (and winning) on the Democrat ticket in solidly-Republican Texas for a long time now, and he is disappointed in the candidates they have.

Like you probably are, too, if you are a Democrat voter.  Maybe now is a good time to remind everyone of the World’s Smallest Political Quiz (which you should take, if you haven’t recently).

We’re about to vote for Sheriff again.  Do us all a favor and vote for Sheriff Hamilton again.  He said he appreciates it.


And I now know first-hand in an amusing house-is-not-really-burning way, that the fire sensor in his house works, and his home’s security alarm is very loud.


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