Your Grandkids Won’t Own Cars.

They’ll call up an autonomous transporter to pick them up at their Point A, drop them at Point B, and pay a small fare. Whether this is a governmental or private service depends on how stupid is your local government. Prices will be lower and services better where this is a private service.

The future has arrived. It is currently in testing phases.

Okay, This Is No Shit…

I’ve already mentioned previously that I’m really fast, mentally. Fast as in, I have often decided how to react before people around me have registered there is a thing to react to. Fast as in, I haven’t been satisfyingly startled by someone trying to prank me in … well, ever. Fast as in, I’m not even ticklish. Well okay … anyway

And I’m the security detail. I’m the one with a gun keeping an eye on things from the back. Except when I’m sleeping. I guess I’m “that guy” you don’t want to wake up because it’s scary. Yesterday, DW came to wake me up a minute before my Naptime’s Over alarm would have gone off. Then she regretted waking me up because I realized it was her as I was on the way up, with a fist at full-cock and she didn’t want a face full of it. She said something like “Geez, just don’t hit me” after I had already not.

I can come out of sleep already processing circumstances, is the point – fast enough to not knock out someone who comes to awaken me, halfway through the activity.

Also, I can see in the dark. At least, I can see way, way farther into violet hues than a lot of people I know, and I can navigate with confidence when other people are in pitch dark midnight blackness. To me, our house at night with various LED indicators and clocks etc. is never really pitch black. And last night was a bigass full moon, so I could see – not well, but I could see what was going on in the house without switching on a light.

Okay so. background storytime is over for now. This morning I woke up at 04:-something AM and heard a noise that could have been a child sneezing and/or wandering about doing potty business. No big deal. Back to sleep. A few minutes later, a noise probably from the house settling, in the vicinity of my bedroom door. No big deal. Back to sleep. Thus often interrupted, I was sleeping badly. I don’t know what woke me at 05:-something but I woke up on my side, face pointed horizontally across the bed and off toward the door. There was a person there.  About as tall as the shortest of our children.

And completely white.

And translucent.

At this point, my brain is half asleep, and half has just started going 100 miles an hour, and the whole self is about 86% of the way toward losing its shit completely. [expletive deleted] ghost, right here in my bedroom and I’m trapped under the covers.

Okay self, SITREP time. Here is a translucent, child-sized, white-including-the-clothes person, standing next to my bed. Odds were pretty small, but the sleeping part of my mind said it still could be a child. I put out an arm to grab its shoulder. Maybe it would have been a half-punch-speed grab, but I was about to start freaking out here.

My arm went straight through this thing,I kid you not. At this point, I was at a loss for an appropriate response. The wakeful part of my mind was thinking it might have been a bad idea to have reached out and grabbed at this thing, whether it had been grab-able or not.

My eyes drifted left, to where my hand had gone. The whatever-it-is followed my eyes’ motion, staying in the same place within my field of view. Floating now over the foot of my bed. Okay 100% now for-sure this is not one of my children.

I closed my eyes. It was still there with my eyes closed. This did not make me feel better.

When I wake up in a nightmare, I repeat the Lord’s name quietly to myself. It’s often as good a prayer as I can come up with, plus I figure it’s at least a nuisance to whatever spirit might have decided to come mess with me, if that’s why I’m having a nightmare. So here I am “JesusJesusJesus”ing and I realized:

I was rolling around on the bed. I had been on my side. My eye was smooshed on one side by a pillow and the eye was recovering. I told the apparition, (said silently, to myself, in my head) “now you are going to fade away. you are going to start strobing and shrinking, and shrinking” and it did.  I recognized this as mental noise, it went away, and I chilled out. No big deal. Back to sleep.

I think, if I were a little slower, I would have pitched a full-scale fit right then-and-there. But I swung an arm, then rolled over on my back. No screaming, no jumping out of bed and dragging the covers with me, no waking DW up to a freaking-out husband. Thank God it was -literally!- nothing.

I Don’t Play the Lottery

A while back, there was a nationwide Powerball lottery which had a very large fraction of a billion dollar jackpot. There was an office pool at my work. Some guys went in $20, some well over that. I declined to participate, because I work on logic.

Tonight, there was a full, super, blood, eclipsed moon. Some people were convinced it was a huge big-big sign of superimportant stuff from the heavens and went on rambling rants about how blah blah blah etc. I declined to participate, because I work on logic.

No don’t get me wrong, I went outside and looked.  Yup. There’s a moon alright. Picture this surrounded by trees and a streetlight, plus an annoying motion-sensing light on my garage:

Yay ooh ah, it’s the mooooon. This is pretty much exactly what it looked like in person, without going to a light pollution-free area and waiting for the mosquitos to give me West Nile virus. A few minutes before, I was in the restroom but overhead the moon was dark orange.  Still the moon. Sure it’s neat, as far as the moon goes. I wouldn’t have minded if someone called and told me to go outside right when the color shifting started, but I didn’t set an alarm for it.  I knew that I’d get better images of it tomorrow, when the people with multi-thousand dollar lenses on multi-thousand dollar cameras with multi-hundred dollar tripods posted their stills online. And it doesn’t tell me anything other than “God’s geometry is still going along like clockwork, look again in a few years to see this same thing, if you want”.

You know what does tell me something? This:

That right there, along with the three others on my front porch, tells me I have a BUNCH of bugs flying around my house at night. Also I need to caulk up the gaps in the siding on my front porch and maybe knock down some cobwebs.

The blood moon might be a sign, but we don’t have ANYONE alive today qualified to give interpretations of this sort of thing. Anything you hear to the contrary is 100% B.S. and you should ignore both the story and the person telling you what the sign is supposed to say.

As far as I know, there is no living person capable of reading of the stars, so this personalized horoscope sums it up very well.

“Oh, N’HELL Naw”

I was wandering through Reddit and came across this thread on /r/Trains.  A couple of German train dudes tempting the Grim Reaper for giggles. Okay, that’s one thing. Then one of the /r/Trains people linked up to this video to show the old Link & Pin coupling system, as an example of a common way to lose fingers.

The title of this post is my reaction, verbatim, to seeing the insanity we used to do a million times a day, all over the world. I flipped my computer the double-bird, even. [deleted] that [deleted].  Working around trains is cool and all, but I’m veeeery glad we have automatic coupling action now (also shown in the video, at the end).

I mean sure, link and pin works, but . . . nope!

Environmental “Science”

Because it’s all about the science and not about politics AT ALL just pure science and we all agree* – and because it’s costing money to fight back against people who disagree, plus making our sweet, sweet grant money for Science research look in doubt…

Dear President Climate Believer,

Please prosecute these people making our financial future look in doubt under organized crime laws, because their science disagrees with the science all the Right Sorts of People agree with.


A whole bunch of Climate Religionists

*you remember when we all agreed the Earth was the center of the solar system? They persecuted the skeptics of THAT theory also. But who was right- the Consensus or Copernicus?**

**orignally, I had put “the consensus or the people still asking questions” but this flows much better 🙂

WWIII in 3…2…

Wouldn’t it just be a kick in the head if World War III started because the various EU member nations couldn’t get their collective act together when it comes to who has to take how many “Syrian Refugees.”  They’re all trying as fast as they can to clamp their borders shut.  We’ll see how it goes, I guess.

Germany loses cool points for housing “refugees” in NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMP barracks.  USA loses as well for flying them over by their thousands on our dime with 0% of them being vetted AT ALL for connections to terrorist (read: radical fundamental Islamist) organizations.

As Yogurt said, “What a world!

You’re A Jerk, Microsoft.

Dear Microsoft,

Not everyone has unlimited data plans with their Internet Service Providers.  Your automatic update that causes the ENTIRE Windows 10 Operating System to be downloaded has sent lots of users of Windows 7 and 8 right over their data caps.

I hope this costs you millions of dollars in a class-action lawsuit.  This was a jerk move 100%


-A user who has turned off automatic SECURITY updates because you lie about what’s important in your mad desire for us to GWX

P.S. if you’re on a metered internet/data plan, you might check the data use on your computer over the last few days.

The Problem With Socialism

…is that, eventually, you run out of other peoples’ money.  All along the way to abject poverty being spread across the general populace of a Socialist nation, we have the same thing:  Fellow-travellers and Communist/Socialist sympathizers in places that are not (yet!) Socialist keep going on about how great the Socialism is, and how if only we would do what they do our place would be better, like their place is.

And then they refuse to give cancer patients their medicine.  I long ago grew tired of hearing advocates for single-payer healthcare saying how well it works where it’s been tried.  Next time, I’ll remember to ask them if this is what they mean by “it works.”

h/t: instapundit

Fat Preachers: Not Helping.

It’s 2015.  Dietary science has progressed somewhat in the last couple hundred years, and we know now for certain what causes morbid obesity.  It’s listed in the Bible as a sin: GLUTTONY.  People who are fat display a lack of self-control that extends to self-harming.  The thing they should value the most, they allow to fall into disrepair.

Preacher, you want to tell me how I should live, but you’re a big fatass fat guy?  Yeah, sorry I can’t hear all your good advice over the sound of how fat you are, up on stage.  Lose a hundred pound and then ask me again to repeat what you just said.

Everyone has a pet sin.  Alcoholics can hide it.  Homersexuals can hide it.  Gluttons, it’s right there in the open.  Righteousness, you’re doing it wrong and it shows!

VFD, tell me you did not just say being a fat preacher is a sin!  Seriously?

Yessir.  I can see, maybe a little paunch.  Even a spare tire isn’t going to wreck your ankles, knees, hips, back, heart, kidneys, and food budget.  Being a bigass fatty McFatpants is neglectful of your body to a dangerous extent, and this is not even open for debate.  Fatties who are supposed to be instructors in righteousness, you are preaching that self-control is not mandatory.  Even basic self-CARE is not mandatory.  Do whatever, eat whatever, but listen to the words coming out of my mouth.  No.

You’re a bad example and you should feel bad.  P.S. you’re not helping one little bit to dispel the non-Christians’ stereotype of churches being full of hypocrites, and you bring shame on the gospel of Christ.

Stop it.

Dear Google, Your New Logo Sucks, kthanksbye

It looks like something from a kindergarten classroom.  I wouldn’t care at all, except that there is also a new favicon on the tab I keep open for google searches.  I might just need to start using Bing, because your new little rainbow-colored G looks so stupid.  Even duckduckgo’s logo is less dumb than this.

I quit your blogging software because you changed the interface.  I skipped the last THREE versions of WIndows because they changed their interface.  Maybe it’s time to quit the main reason anyone uses you at all, over this.  It is possibly the ugliest icon on my whole computer.  Staring. Me. In. The. Face. All. Day.