Fat Preachers: Not Helping.

It’s 2015.  Dietary science has progressed somewhat in the last couple hundred years, and we know now for certain what causes morbid obesity.  It’s listed in the Bible as a sin: GLUTTONY.  People who are fat display a lack of self-control that extends to self-harming.  The thing they should value the most, they allow to fall into disrepair.

Preacher, you want to tell me how I should live, but you’re a big fatass fat guy?  Yeah, sorry I can’t hear all your good advice over the sound of how fat you are, up on stage.  Lose a hundred pound and then ask me again to repeat what you just said.

Everyone has a pet sin.  Alcoholics can hide it.  Homersexuals can hide it.  Gluttons, it’s right there in the open.  Righteousness, you’re doing it wrong and it shows!

VFD, tell me you did not just say being a fat preacher is a sin!  Seriously?

Yessir.  I can see, maybe a little paunch.  Even a spare tire isn’t going to wreck your ankles, knees, hips, back, heart, kidneys, and food budget.  Being a bigass fatty McFatpants is neglectful of your body to a dangerous extent, and this is not even open for debate.  Fatties who are supposed to be instructors in righteousness, you are preaching that self-control is not mandatory.  Even basic self-CARE is not mandatory.  Do whatever, eat whatever, but listen to the words coming out of my mouth.  No.

You’re a bad example and you should feel bad.  P.S. you’re not helping one little bit to dispel the non-Christians’ stereotype of churches being full of hypocrites, and you bring shame on the gospel of Christ.

Stop it.


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