Oh How I Wish

The Global Warmenists had their day in the sun, and now the sun is not as warm as it was – this has lead to global temperatures being about the same for 18 years running, but the religion of Climate Change* (*in the warming direction only!) has been having some apparent successes at getting Capitalism to kill itself in recent years anyway.

Then this comes along and it may wreck the entire socialist utopia financed by carbon taxes! What do you mean, a new Ice Age? How is Brussels supposed to tax THAT?  Oh, well, I’m sure they’ll think of a way.


The elderly reader will recall that a coming Ice Age was announced before, right before the mainstream switched to Global Warming

In a related anecdote, I recently had to smash someone’s fears. I got into an online debate with a Warmenist and they produced a dog whistle argument – the poles are melting! The Pacific Islanders will have to move to new homes! I pointed out that the Antarctic ice is at normal extents just now, and then they highlighted a common point for people who truly believe in *anthropogenic* global warming: dire ignorance of basic science. This person was concerned about the *North* pole melting causing sea levels to rise. The conversation went dead shortly after I pointed them to this website.

Dear Jerk,

If you are going to have a loudass barking dog, could you do me a favor and not cage it right next to the fence on our side, so its barking doesn’t stand in lieu of an alarm clock? Thanks.
-apparently the only people who give a F about our neighbors not being kept awake

I’m not sure which is worse:
*the beagle that booooooowoooooowooooo’d constantly
*the pit bulls that kept breaking through the fence to come visit
*this thing with a piercing bark that waits juuuuust long enough to nod off, between starting up again while the master is on the other side of the house watching the foosball.

First world problems.

Is it A Recession Yet?

Here we are winding up 2015, and the long-awaited ugly double dip of the global depression (formerly known as the Great Recession) is still a’comin’, right on schedule.  You know what happens when your economy goes in the shitter because you’re beset with structural problems you won’t acknowledge, and then it recovers a little, but you didn’t fix the problems?

You get round two, is what.  You’re on the corner of round 2. This is what it looks like:
Underreported story 1
Underreported story 2
Underreported story 3

That’s My Little Girl

We are out of beans, chez VFD. I was digging through the pantry in astonishment, trying to find another can of beans. To date, I have never seen our pantry without a can of beans in it, waiting to be heated and eated.

VFD: (from inside the pantry) We’re out of beans?! That’s impossible!
#1: (on the couch, in the living room) That’s impossible!
VFD: You’re impossible!
#1: Your face is impossible!
VFD:  . . .

For the record, neither she, nor I, nor my face are impossible. But what may be impossible, is for her to have a long term relationship with a guy who isn’t VERY quick on his toes, in a verbal sparring contest. I think it can be stated with some authority, the love of sarcastic humor is well established in the latest generation of my bloodline.

Carly Fiorina for Private Citizen!

She’s running for President. She needs to keep whatever is her day job.  I don’t think we should have a President whose strategy is “hope it doesn’t come to that” when talking about using military force against Russia. Call me crazy.

At least D. Trump has come out on the correct side of this: “Let Syria and ISIS fight. Why do we care?”  I’m not for Trump (I’m for Cruz) but I’d vote for Trump any day of the week and twice on Sunday, vs. Fiorina.  This is just one more reason for that.

You Mean, We Don’t Know Everything?

It continues to be increasingly apparent that climatology is not a mature science. The debate is not closed, and the science is in fact far from settled. The latest thing you probably won’t hear from American news networks:

The earth has yet another natural cooling system and it’s stronger than we thought. This is, of course, NOT accounted for in the zOMGlobalWarming computer models.  You know, it’s almost like somebody put some thought into maintaining this a nice place for us to live. That Designer sure would have to be Intelligent…


And when it comes to what we do know, have a look at how carefully they treat the data to reflect reality 100% of the time: 99% of this one dataset is *ahem* estimated!