Oh How I Wish

The Global Warmenists had their day in the sun, and now the sun is not as warm as it was – this has lead to global temperatures being about the same for 18 years running, but the religion of Climate Change* (*in the warming direction only!) has been having some apparent successes at getting Capitalism to kill itself in recent years anyway.

Then this comes along and it may wreck the entire socialist utopia financed by carbon taxes! What do you mean, a new Ice Age? How is Brussels supposed to tax THAT?  Oh, well, I’m sure they’ll think of a way.


The elderly reader will recall that a coming Ice Age was announced before, right before the mainstream switched to Global Warming

In a related anecdote, I recently had to smash someone’s fears. I got into an online debate with a Warmenist and they produced a dog whistle argument – the poles are melting! The Pacific Islanders will have to move to new homes! I pointed out that the Antarctic ice is at normal extents just now, and then they highlighted a common point for people who truly believe in *anthropogenic* global warming: dire ignorance of basic science. This person was concerned about the *North* pole melting causing sea levels to rise. The conversation went dead shortly after I pointed them to this website.


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