This Isn’t Really That Hard

The street is narrow. Parking is allowed on one side and not on the other side. There are signs every few dozen feet very clearly stating parking is prohibited on the other side.

There was a fair at an elementary school today.  Cars everywhere and I’m just trying to drive past the school to get home. Cars were lined up along the curb on both sides of the street.  A woman was standing in the road. As I got slowly 😦 closer, I could tell that she was a Police woman, and she was waving people on past her.  People that somehow kept trying to park immediately beside a No Parking sign, in front of a police woman.  A couple of them drove away from their almost-a-sweet-parking-spot places on the curb as I got closer.  Cop keeps waving people on.

Then I could tell that she was walking down the road, slowly. Then I could tell that she had a ticket book in her hand.  She probably spent four hours pacing up and down the road, scratching out parking tickets to people who clearly have more cars than the sense to operate them properly.

Good.  I hope the City makes a mint off those people, and they learn to park where it’s both smart (which this wasn’t) and legal (which this also wasn’t).