An Abstention Worse Than An Aye

Today, the USA threw Israel under the bus. Yesterday, President-Elect Trump succeeded in stopping Egypt from putting forth the resolution but today a bunch of other enemies of Israel went ahead with it, and the USA *abstained* instead of voting to veto the UN’s condemnation of Israeli “settlements in Palestinian territory”. Then our representative who doesn’t even deserve to be named said it was in keeping with longstanding USA policy going back 50 years . . . never mind that as recently as 2011 a similar resolution was vetoed by us.

I hope President Trump lives up to his hype in regards to Israel. We have been playing footsie with the enemies of God, on the subject of his favorite bit of real estate, for far too long.

But VFD, how was this worse?

Because the result was a foregone conclusion. If the USA didn’t veto the resolution, it was guaranteed to pass. Abstaining from the vote was the same as voting in favor, except that it shows a lack of courage. Even courage to do the wrong thing is more admirable than cowardice.