So Photobucket is Cancer Now. Great.

I uploaded almost all the pictures for this blog to Photobucket.  Aaaaand they decided to break hotlinks on all not-Photobucket websites, so all the images here now show up as broken.

Do you want to drive me off your website entirely? Because this is how you drive me off your website entirely.  FML now I gotta go change a zillion links.  Hopefully someone knows how to convert it all with a quick button-press in a program.

Thanks for nothing Photobucket, you suck now.

edit to add: I am now trying to download my album of images, and it appears to be a broken process.  Trying to make it go more smoothly I enable java scripts . . . [deleted] that website is terrible with ads enabled.  No wonder they have resorted to forcing people to pay up or go elsewhere.  Here’s one more going elsewhere.