[SOLVED!] Hisense 70-pint Dehumidifier Won’t Stop Running when Full or when Bucket is Removed DH-70KP1SLE (easy fix)

Recently our Hisense DH-70 dehumidifier spilled water all over the kitchen floor.  It had run all night, become full, failed to switch itself off, and overflowed.  The temporary solution to this was to dump the bucket more often, but that is a hassle.  Fortunately the permanent fix is free and fairly simple.

There is a microswitch inside the dehumidifier.  It was stuck.  It just needed to be poked from the back side.  Remove the back cover (a few screws on the back, a couple of screws on the bottom sides corners, pivot the bottom open first, there are clips on top that will break if you just pull!)

Looking at the rear of the machine, on the right side, about where the top of the bucket goes, corresponding to the other side of the wall where the “full” float in the bucket lives, is this switch:


The little metal arm on ours was pushed in (slanted red line).  Just touching it with a fingertip was enough to reset the mechanism (straight line).

It looks like this inside, if you have the same problem:  A white cylinder poking out into the bucket area, with a black dot in the middle.

This black dot is a plunger, and you should see this when you do not have this problem any more:

The air filters on the side are nice, but they are hardly HEPA filters.  Since I pulled both the covers off my unit because nobody has previously posted a guide for this repair that I could find and I needed to see what was happening in there, I took the opportunity to remove the accumulated hair and miscellaneous filth that got past the air filters over the past couple of years:

I recommend you do the same, if you are a handy sort of person.  I followed that wiping with a gentle blowing-out using compressed air because some smutz was between the hot and cold coils as well.  Gross.

You will know your fix was successful because the bucket will trip its sensor like it used to do, if you did this right.  Good luck, and remember that the Jesus loves you

Keep Guessing, Boys!

…hopefully you’ll get it right eventually.

New research suggests that maybe, just maybe, the science isn’t settled after all.  To put it mildly.  You could also say this is possibly a paradigm-shifting thing.  The Earth was apparently not formed according to the conventional theory, because the amounts and locations of metals in the crust are all wrong.  Maybe. In theory.

If these people would read their Bibles they would know that the Earth isn’t 4 billion or any billion years old, and that God made it right, first try, because he’s smart like that.

Since their worldview voluntarily prevents knowing that, they will forever be making new, puzzling discoveries and still not be able to figure it out.

Rumors of Wars

In the last couple of weeks we have been greeted with news that North Korea has developed an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach out and touch US 10,000 miles away.  And that they have probably miniaturized a nuclear warhead to fit to one.  The POTUS has threatened them, that if they threaten us, there will be “fire and fury” the likes of which the world has never seen.  Both sides have abrogated the Armistice, and North Korea says it is no longer bound by the Armistice.

That means we are at war.

Hold on there.

I suppose it is worth noting that the NorKs are famous for rattling sabers they don’t exactly have, with a history of parading models of arms instead of working arms being on parade – but still.  The rhetoric is at a recent high just now, and we have heads of State on both sides pointing fingers in each others’ face and saying the other needs to tone it down or else.  But the situation recently changed in a different way than anyone seems to have expected.


President Trump has got the Chinese to agree to sanctions against North Korea (along with literally everyone else on the U.N.S.C.) and that is big league.  The best case scenario I think is the Chinese government is convinced to lean hard enough on North Korea to give up either its nuclear program or its dictator, or both.  Preferably both.  I hope it doesn’t devolve into war but aside from a limited number of possibly-pretty-bad missile strikes from submarines and ships, I like to think it would be a lopsided conflict and it would last as long as the USA wanted it to last.  I think I don’t flatter myself too much when I think we could pave the entire peninsula in rubble.  I don’t put it beyond the crazy in North Korea to have dug a bunker for himself deep enough that we couldn’t blow it up, but we can surely deprive him of all his military might in a relative hurry.

We’ll see.  Time will tell that tale.


Also, relatively unreported-upon in the USA press, a civil war is breaking out in Venezuela.  They have finally reached the logical end-stage of pure Socialism and the society has collapsed.  The people are starving and the military is apparently waking up to reality.  A “former” Lieutenant led a small strike force into a military base in Valencia and stole some arms.  Half his force was captured or killed, which is a terrible ratio but maybe his luck turns better in the future.

It has repeatedly happened, that full-scale warfare followed from a few guys with a few guns, who managed to steal some more guns from the government they were trying to overthrow.  Will this armed rebellion in Venezuela result in the overthrow of Maduro, or will it be crushed?

We’ll see.  Time will tell that tale, too.  But you probably won’t hear much about it in the USAmerican news.