In Observance of Good Friday

. . . I will remind everyone that Friday is not the day that Jesus died, and the Bible is both unambiguous and true on this point.  Jesus was dead by what we would call Wednesday night.  Read all about it!

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VFD, how can you be a skeptic about man-caused global warming?

Simple: I look at the data instead of the political spin on the data, and then I think.  Watts Up With That is better than literally all mainstream press as a source of climate news.  It was there that I found a link to this .pdf book that you can read for yourself.  It’s free. You like things that are free, don’t you?  It’s not even a long book.  Check it out:

Why Scientists Disagree About Global Warming

March 6, 2018 Travis County, Texas Primary Election Voters Guide

As usual, this is me publishing the notes I make for myself, to make my life easier in the future and help out anyone else who might trip over this little blog by accident looking for some help making their decisions.

These are only the races where I live.  In other places there are other races, so check to see what will be on your own ballot.


United States Senator
This one is easy.  Ted Cruz by a mile and it’s not even close.  I’m 0% interested in any of the other candidates on this ballot.  Cruz was my guy for POTUS but if he’s not POTUS I at least want to keep him as Senator!

Again, this one is a no-brainer.  Governor Abbott is still /ourguy/ for %currentyear% and there’s not been anything that I knew he has done yet, that makes me want to be rid of him.

Lieutenant Governor-REP
Dan Patrick is better for Texas values than Scott Milder.  Milder will possibly take a bunch of votes in the cities but hopefully not the nomination

Commissioner of the General Land Office
Jerry Patterson – I endorsed him in 2010 and I’ll do it again now. 
He’s right over the target on his position statements.  He didn’t want to come back and do this job but Bush has flubbed it so bad it’d got Patterson to come out of retirement!
Davey Edwards – Maybe 2nd behind Patterson, but maybe he should keep being the official surveyor where he lives and let someone who knows the job, have the job again.
George P. Bush – No more Bushes in Texas public office or any other public office.  The whole family is from what I can tell a bunch of squishy/wobbly Republicans and there’s always a better candidate in a primary than the Bush, and it doesn’t matter which Bush is running for what!  Significantly this time he is apparently trying to muck up the Alamo, which is one of the few things he is specifically supposed to protect (!?)
Rick Range – Seems to be running on a rather thin “save the Alamo” platform which is good as far as it goes but it’s not very far.

Commissioner of Agriculture
Sid Miller – Keep him in this position. He sometimes comes out with slightly whacky statements, but I don’t hear any complaints about the job he has been doing for us.
Jim Hogan – appears to be a Democrat (?) not even sure what he’s doing on my ballot if I’m honest.
Trey Blocker – Has a relatively lightweight resume compared to a guy who seems to have been killing it as the Commissioner already.  Also, there’s something wrong with his face.  He looks like there’s a problem behind it.

Railroad Commissioner
Christi Craddick – As in previous years, this is not a solid *for* Craddick . . . but then- attorney General Abbot said she was a great choice, a few years back.  There have been a few ethical questions raised but I note a distinct lack of legal action succesfully brought against her.
Weston Martinez – why not try to stay in his current job as a Real Estate Commissioner? I could vote for him in the General election but in the primary I’ll be for Craddic.

Presiding Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals
David Bridges – I’m going with Bridges on this ballot.
Sharon Keller – I give heavy weighting to being the incumbent in a judge’s race.  But this woman *barely* won the general election during a time when the R party was knocking other statewide elections out of the park – because in large part she has made some ugly calls.  As a judge.  That’s not great.  I can pull the lever for her in the General again if it’s her vs. a person who self-identifies as a democrat, but in the primary let’s go for Bridges who appears to be what we want from a judge: fairly unremarkable.

Place 8, Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals
Jay Brandon
– Judging (get it?) from what I find online, I think Jay Brandon has the right attitude and experience for this position.
Michelle Slaughter – I could vote for her in the general if you people send her there.  This race seems to have a solid set of candidates, which is nice.
Dib Waldrip – Waldrip may be a fine judge and he might be good for the supreme Court, even – but not better than Brandon, for this, now.

Place 6, Justice, 3rd Court of Appeals District
This is the only tough call on the ballot for me.  All of these seem to be good choices and I could go *for* any of them in the general election.
Kristofer Monson – seems like an ideal candidate.  Not a solid W but he gets my vote. It’s impossible for me to know if his lack of endorsements is from lack of funds, lack of trying, or just lack of political connections.  Plus, he takes selfies which matters to some people
Donna Davidson – also a good candidate
Jennifer S. Freel – The only one I have any reservation about, because she has little kids who need a mommy right now
Michael “Mike” Toth – also a good candidate


Republican Proposition 1
Texas should replace the property tax system with an appropriate consumption tax equivalent.
Yes.  I look for this one to not do as well as most of the others, but yes.

Republican Proposition 2
No governmental entity should ever construct or fund construction of toll roads without voter approval.
Yes.  It would be nice if they had included “or take out a bond to build a road” here as well.

Republican Proposition 3
Republicans in the Texas House should select their Speaker nominee by secret
ballot in a binding caucus without Democrat influence.
Yes. This is some “inside baseball” stuff but it seems like a good idea.

Republican Proposition 4
Texas should require employers to screen new hires through the free EVerify system to protect jobs for legal workers.
No.  I don’t like electronic systems used as requirements for employment in general, as they are creeping ever-closer to the mark of the beast.

Republican Proposition 5
Texas families should be empowered to choose from public, private, charter, or
homeschool options for their children’s education, using tax credits or exemptions without government constraints or intrusion.
Yes. The dollars should flow to whoever is teaching the student, not to the school which happens to be nearest the student’s home!

Republican Proposition 6
Texas should protect the privacy and safety of women and children in spaces
such as bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers in all Texas schools and government buildings.
Yes. I think this is weasel words to say “no men in the ladies’ room”  but as written it is meaningless but it sounds nice, and it’s not legally binding so yes.

Republican Proposition 7
I believe abortion should be abolished in Texas.
This isn’t even an open question.  All through the court system you have to tack on a “health of the mother” clause or this gets swatted down for good reason.

Republican Proposition 8
Vote fraud should be a felony in Texas to help ensure fair elections.
Yes.  This is literally a crime against all the people.

Republican Proposition 9
Texas demands that Congress completely repeal Obamacare.

Republican Proposition 10
To slow the growth of property taxes, yearly revenue increases should be
capped at 4%, with increases in excess of 4% requiring voter approval.
Yes.  I would rather have it lower, but 4% is better than 8%!

Republican Proposition 11
Tax dollars should not be used to fund the building of stadiums for professional or semi-professional sports teams.
Yes.  This is a stupid thing to do but somehow we keep doing it.