March 3rd 2020 Travis County, Texas Republican Primary Election Voters Guide

As usual, this is for me but posted in case anyone else wants to see what I think about the candidates.  The position statements on this page are mine and if you don’t care for them then feel free to find someone you care for instead.

Donald J. Trump.  It’s not even a competition.  This man is on track to be the best POTUS in the history of the country.  He’s boorish, but he does spend his time doing the things he said he would do on the campaign trail.  High competence meets low presidentiality.  There are many imitators but no-one can compare for effectiveness and the results speak for themselves.

United States Senator
John Cornyn – has been there too long.  It’s bad.  Time to go, Johnny boy.  You know what’s crazy? He doesn’t have any position statements on his campaign website, but he has a picture of him riding a horse.
Mark Yancy – might be a good senator, but he’s not my first choice in the primary.  Too soft on illegal immigration at least and that counts for a LOT in the Senate.
Dwayne Stovall – An easy pick.  This guy, by a mile, for speaking properly to the office and the issues.
Virgil Bierschwale – deserves to lose.  He’s got a bad attitude for this race and it pollutes what could be a decent message if we could see through it
John Anthony Castro – Strike uno: wants government funded “pre-k through phd” education.  Garbage.  Strike dos: Claims to model himself after John McCain whow was hot garbage especially toward the end of his life.  Strike threeee: He says the primary goal of a TEXAS Senator in D.C. is to represent the nation over any group.  Jackass, Texans are the group you’re supposed to go represent.

United States Representative, District 17 – lots of good candidates and none that are 100% on my page
Kristen Alamo Rowin – it says something about you if you’re obese, and it’s not a good thing.  Still she seems right on the important issues.
David Saucedo – bruh you can’t have a 404 website during early voting.  Plus he looks like a thug in the only picture i could find, fwiw
Trent Sutton – another I could support in the general but not against this primary field.
Pete Sessions – a former Congressman should stay “former”.  We need fewer old hats in the House, not more.
Ahmad Adnan – HARD pass. I’d stay home if he were on the R ticket in November!  From the introduction to his website:
He’s “mad as hell at how dysfunctional our government and politics are” well then tell the other guys to not be jerks
“I want to ban money in politics” because he’s a head-in-the-clouds ignoramus. There is no other reason for this position.
“I AM A MODERATE; I am a centrist” (emphasis is his) means he is a squishy who hasn’t thought out his convictions properly.
“COUNTRY OVER PARTY.” He’d bail on Trump in a sticky vote if leaned on properly
“I WANT THE STARTING PAY FOR TEACHERS TO BE $80,000 A YEAR.” so a fool, plainly, who doesn’t understand supply-and-demand
“I want to do massive infrastructure spending” ok good we need…
“…to help grow the economy and create high-paying jobs” ugh.  State make-work to create jobs, exactly what we don’t need.  Also: let’s grow the economy by skimming some off the top of the private sector and giving it to bureaucrats.  Nice.
“I WANT TO LEGALIZE, REGULATE, AND TAX CANNABIS.”  How about just decriminalizing it from being in Schedule 1 and not exposing our vulnerable populations to another harmful “recreational” drug.
Lauri Godfrey McReynolds – Yet another good choice.  This race is looking like an embarassment of riches. But . . . there’s something in the water in Waco.  I kid, I kid, we love our wackos
Renee Swann – Endorsed by Mr. Flores, which is useful. A good choice, I think.
Elianor Vessali – Says exactly the things I want my congresscritters to say when campaigning.  I like her.  She may not be able to win the general election.  Unfortunately a Cathlic and a professional lawyer.
George W. Hindman – Another good choice on topics.  I like the idea of literally a rocket scientist for congress, plus he campaigns on the right issues I like.
Scott Bland – Another from Waco?  Also there’s something wrong with his head/neck area but we shouldn’t hold that against the man.  But I’m gonna, sorry buddy.
Jeff Oppenheim – barely has a campaign website.  You gotta do more than this, Jeff.
Todd Kent – another weird head. Looks like a movie congressman who turns into the villain.  Talks about the right issues but not quite exactly my flavor. I could vote for him in the general, but not this primary against these candidates.

Railroad Commissioner
Ryan Sitton – I’ve previously endorsed him and like to give him one more term.
James “Jim” Wright – Heart seems to be in the right place, but he provides me no compelling reason to vote against his opponent.  His main campaign issue seems to be that he disagrees with disagreeing with the idea of Don Trump being elected in 2016.

Judge, Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3
Bert Richardson – Incumbent judges, as always, get a heavy thumb on the scale from me. I’m for him again.
Gina Parker – May be a good judge, IDK but the reasons she finds most compelling to get rid of Richardson . . . I don’t.

All the other seats are uncontested in this primary.  Throw them a vote and show some R-team love.  All the propositions, as usual, are easy low-hanging fruit and red meat for the base.  Yes on all of them.