More evidence: What you are seeing does not match the conclusions you drew (because of ignorance)

RMIT University and the Australian National University, with the University of Sydney and USA’s Oak Ridge National Laboratories have proved that the planet is not 3.4 billion years old.

Hold on there.

Not quite. But they have proved that it doesn’t have to be, for there to be diamonds. These rocket surgeons have figured out how to make diamonds at room temperature by applying pressure and shear forces as has not previously been tried.

The current scientific paradigm (which, of course, eliminates all belief in Genesis chapter 1) says diamonds must have taken billions of years to form, under terrific pressures deep in the earth’s crust. The evolutionist has no problems saying “God made them LOL” but this is not acceptable to a scientist (as a person who relies on scientism). This new discovery does not explain how diamonds must have formed in nature. It tells us that “everybody knows” something which may be false, and the reality is actually compatible with young Earth history.

Juuuuust saying.

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