Governor Cuomo Should Not Resign over Allegations of Improper Behavior toward Women

When the hired whores and attention-seekers came out of the woodwork for Herman Cain, and when they came out of the woodwork for Donald Trump, I said these men were innocent of all charges until proved guilty, and they should not withdraw from public life on account of accusations, even ones that seemed truthy at the time. I still think Bill Cosby has been railroaded but at least he has a conviction to legitimately get him off the stage.

Andrew Cuomo, as a citizen of these United States, stands today a man innocent of sexual impropriety as alleged, and it is the duty of his accusers to bring proof to convince a court that he was behaving badly. Allegations, on their own, mean exactly bubkis. I can bring an allegation against you, today and make headline news. The public would be shocked, I tell you, to hear the horrible things you did.


Mind you, he should resign for general incompetence in governance, but that is expecting rather a lot for a Democratic politician these days. But the dozens of legislators and other former allies of Gov’n’r Andy? Their opinions mean nothing to either truth or Justice. If any of the allegations are proved then that’s the time we should start talking about resignations. Not before.

For those of you who think #BelieveAllWomen still applies, and that allegations should be enough to get a man off the public stage, I present three anecdotes to the contrary:

  • Kamala Harris is serving as Vice President to a man who she claimed in the past she believed had been inappropriate with women. #BelieveAllWomen? Right down the memory hole, apparently.
  • Brett Cavanaugh is sitting on the supreme Court of these United States, having succesfully went through the confirmation circus (which, recall, included the storming of the USA Capitol building by his adversaries, to the applause of legislators who later changed their mind about the virtue of such storming activities) which included obviously false claims presented as serious by the most powerful people in the most powerful legislative body in the world.
  • The lacrosse team of Duke University was thrashed in the press, academic and sporting careers were permanently destroyed, men’s names were dragged through the mud . . . on the basis of lies from a Woman who took advantage of #BelieveAllWomen

False allegations should not ruin a person’s life. True allegations should only be considered true by We the People after a trial has been held and evidence was presented which led to a convincing of a jury, or an admission of guilt by the accused.

That is the standard. If you think Governor Andrew Cuomo should resign because of this spate of accusations, then you are a Bad Person and a bad American.