Paul Was Able To “Eat Meat”

There are some things which are sin, with no gray area. No one will be excused if he believes Jesus is not the way to Heaven. Most all of us will acknowledge killing someone with no good reason is wrong. To the Puritans, showing an ankle was sin . . . but here and now, we have women in short dresses in our churches without condemnation because to us it is (arguably) not sin.

Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.”

Brother Paul was able in good conscience toward God to eat meat sacrificed to idols; it was no sin. So the question then becomes “It’s not sin so why should Paul not eat” and the answer is another guy was offended in his conscience. Seeing the example of Paul could cause someone else to sin, is the idea of “I will eat no flesh“. Some people would eat the same meat from the same plate and commit sin because their faith was weak. It is not charitable in some contexts for “Paul” to “eat meat”. So we stop when it is plain it offends someone else in this way.

Did Paul owe an explanation to anyone as to why he stopped? In context, I think not, but he would have been happy to explain . . .

. . . if . . .

. . . someone would try to have a conversation about it specifically.


Update: The first paragraph contains a dig at someone who allows something in his church but who missed it entirely, which was sad but not altogether surprising in light of subsequent tragic events.

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