Your Pronouns Are Against My Religion

…so expect me to say, when you ask:

  • I use the same pronouns as everyone else
  • I don’t have any personal pronouns (I may laugh at you along with this)
  • Oh I’m sorry that’s against my religion

…because I don’t believe in your god.

When you ask me ‘what are your pronouns’ you are presenting a worldview and requiring me to concede it is accurate. It isn’t, and I don’t play this game. The closest you’ll find me to complying is to use someone’s name or to refer to them by an other identifier (e.g., the postman, your son, boss, etc). But typically I will comply strictly with my religion and use the pronouns that apply to your obvious sex.

“What pronouns do you use” assumes as true that:
“You can be born in the wrong body”

which is as nonsensical as believing ‘the universe started as nothing, which exploded in contravention of known physical laws, and stopped exactly the right time for everything to gloop together into stars and planets that also violate known physical laws, then the rocks formed and changed into people and here we are, by accident.’


“And he answered and said unto them, Have ye not read, that he which made them at the beginning made them male and female, and said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?”

“the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether.”

Which means your body is the correct one for you.

it’s not my biology it’s my gender

No it is not. People don’t have gender. As they say, “Gender is…” either:
“a social construct”
“immutable and synonymous with biological sex”

Depending on what is meant by “gender”. If you mean “I don’t want to talk about sex but we both know I mean sex” then gender=sex, which is cowardice but it’s your prerogative to be such. If you mean “gender is some part of me that is not my body” then that is a woo-woo and I don’t believe in that religion!

Yes, it is a religion. It has as tenets:

  • There is something like a soul or an id, separate and distinct from the body
  • It can be in the wrong sex of body by mistake
  • I get to say when it is a mistake for me
  • Based on (dear reader, I say this carefully) my feelings

It’s the same as saying “I am the god of my own self and get to decide if/when “evolution” flubbed my sex” which is a religious statement contrary to my religion. Which is why the pronoun game is antithetical to Christianity.

You don’t have to like my religion but I won’t comply with yours in contravention of my own. So when I say “Oh I’m sorry, that’s against my religion” I’m being real with you. My sorrow is actually for you, because the Devil you don’t believe in has

you bamboozled in a way that can make you miserable and cause conflict at best, and it’s no stretch to say it may kill you young and send you to Hell after you spent a few hundred-thousand dollars in needless medical fees, paid to a medical system that officially cares more for your money than for your soul.

There is no middle ground and don’t you come in bad faith talking about intersex people, one of which you are not.

[SOLVED!] Dayton 5BB57 Dehumidifier Won’t Run/Can’t Adjust Humidity Down

This one is easy to fix. If you can effect the repairs. Otherwise it’s complicated!

We have a couple of these units at work and they are usually reliable, but one of them stopped working. All the buttons seemed to work except for the “Down arrow” humidity setpoint button, which didn’t set a lower level or make the controls go “beep”. It seemed the button press was not registering at all with the brains for the machine.

So, one fine (read: extremely humid) morning, I opened up this unit and sorted it. The short version is that an extremly-reliable kind of switch failed. I don’t have the right kind of microscope, but it’s either worn or corroded.

The middle of the two round elemends in side this switch should not be this dull grey colour. They should both be bright like the surrounding metal. This switch costs within a rounding error of $0 if you need to buy one, but happily there is a spare handy. When is the last time you ever used the Pause button on your dehumidifier? Never? Me, too. So after removing several screws from the back and front panels, I had the control panel exposed.

The control panel, outside:

The control panel, inside:

It is fairly rudimentary soldering work, to remove the failed switch and the pause switch, and replace the switch from pause in the down position. The same could be done for any of the other switches if they failed, so if it doesn’t power on when you hit the power switch, or the fan speed won’t change from high/low settings, or if you can’t increase the humidity setting, you can likely borrow another switch from elsewhere on the circuit board.

Happy news: the control panel’s connectors are colour-coded and some of them are different sizes, so it’s easy to put them back where they go!

Not happy news: the cooling coils on your dehumidifier are gross. Use a tooth brush (gently!) and bleach diluted in lots of water to clean it out if you like.

Irritating: the machine cover panels are as easy to put on again as they are to get off, which is to say annoying. There are tight friction-fit parts, and there are little tabs that want to go their own way like sheep. If the covers won’t go back on right, you probably have a millimeter-misaligned set of parts or a tab that needs you to kinda-pull-and-twist to replace the cover on the machine.

Comical: two extra screws were left over when I was done. Womp womp.

[SOLVED!] Synaptics touchpad on Dell notebook crashes in firefox 2022 working solution

This has been a problem for literally decades and IDK why firefox can’t seem to fix it, but because reasons a Dell Precision M6500 notebook computer will lose the ability to use its trackpad/touchpad input at all in even the latest version of Firefox i literally just downloaded days ago. I found that this failure reliably happened only when I tried to scroll on a page using the “swipe down the left side of the touchpad” gesture input on the touchpad. In my case, it made the touchpad stop responding to input altogether!

One user gave a hint that SynTPEnh.exe was a problem:
I verified stopping that process would let me use the touchpad again. Hold shift/control/escape and find the process, right click and tell it end task. This was possible, happily, becauses this laptop has a trackpoint as well as a touchpoint. But that only gets the mouse back, not the ability to actually USE firefox.

Happily I found the solution thanks to Jesus and user do9man on

Mind you: this solution is from 2011. I type this in the year of our Lord 2022 and it was STILL A PROBLEM! on a brand-new installation of Windows 10, a brand-new installation of the latest Firefox ESR, with a clean new profile in firefox, I still had the exact problem. Shocking. Anyway, in case that link dies and this one somehow remains, the solution was to edit the registry. Beware that you can break your computer by editing the registry wrongly.

start-> regedit->
navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTPEnh]
add a 32-bit dword called UseScrollCursor and leave the value at the default all-zeroes. Restart the computer. Bang, you can scroll in firefox again but you don’t have the fancy cursors. IDC about the cursors i want the scrolling.

The scrolling is not super smooth for me, but it scrolls and the touchpad stays working.

So there you go.