WWIII in 3…2…

Wouldn’t it just be a kick in the head if World War III started because the various EU member nations couldn’t get their collective act together when it comes to who has to take how many “Syrian Refugees.”  They’re all trying as fast as they can to clamp their borders shut.  We’ll see how it goes, I guess.

Germany loses cool points for housing “refugees” in NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMP barracks.  USA loses as well for flying them over by their thousands on our dime with 0% of them being vetted AT ALL for connections to terrorist (read: radical fundamental Islamist) organizations.

As Yogurt said, “What a world!

Nobody Could Have Imagined

Perhaps, nobody with the power to do anything about it has the imagination to think of it.  But some people are, in fact, imagining what can happen in a worst case scenario.  Read this and see if it is, in fact, too far-fetched for our enemy to carry out.  Remembering the while, our enemy is not afraid to strap a bomb on himself and blowem up.


Not “Could Be.” Is.

The press in America is speculating that Egypt may soon be in a civil war.  News flash: Egypt IS in a state of Civil War.  When your military overthrows the ruling party and kills hundreds (thousands) of them in subsequent violent clashes, what else do you call it?  No matter on which side your sympathies lie, Egypt is at war with Egypt.  What we should do is sit back and watch.  What we probably will do is send clandestine “advisors” to help the military make sure the radical islamists don’t get back into power.

It’s ugly, and it’s our fault.  The Old Boss may have been a dictator, but he was our dictator and kept the rabble in chec – until we roused the rabble enough to get the dictator thrown out.  You know, like in that other country we “smart diplomacied” into civil war.  No, the other one.  No, the other other one.

That’s some mighty fine detective work there, Nobel Peace Prize award people!  Way to pick a peacenik well in advance!

Egyptian Citizenry Picks Up The Slack

You have a popular uprising and the thug-in-chief is thrown out.
You hold elections and the new President sounds like he’s a good one.
Then he turns out to be a muslim fanatic and helps fellow muslim fanatics get in positions of authority and allows reprisals and terrorism against non-muslims
Your military throws him out
The islamists are acting badly because of it, and lose popular support big-time
The USA refuses to recognize the military government as legitimate (hopefully this changes when a new election is held)

So what do you do?

You make fun of people who look like islamists on the bus, and don’t let them into the market.  You deride them, and thereby deny them the power over your mind that they wish to obtain.

The answer to people with stupid ideas is to laugh at them and treat them badly.  Good for you, Egyptians: popular backlash is exactly what was needed.  Let’s hope we can get some of that here, for our own idiot leftists.

Hat tip: Instapundit

Queen Elizabeth Hit With A Bat!!!

Well, make that, the Queen Elizabeth II, ocean liner de luxe, is showing what happens when her Captain (and her corporate ownership) gets a clue.

Threaten people’s money and they’ll do something.  In this case, threaten cruise ship companies with the potential loss of fares (and ships and crews) and they’ll start packing heat when they sail through waters known to be inhabited by Somali muslim pirates.

From a couple years ago at a couple of hijackings a week, to now it’s been months since the last successful merchant ship was taken by pirates.  You know what changed?  Nothing.  Only, the people at the top of some food chains noticed that when we put guns on merchant ships before, piracy dropped off.  Some of us were calling for arming private vessels against pirates ‘way back when it first became a real problem again.  Finally, once again, reality catches up and history starts rhyming.

Oh, Good. I Was Just Thinking . . .

You know, I was just thinking the number of men we were losing to a war we refuse to win was starting to dwindle to too small a number, and then comes this . . .

In Mali, the peaceful religion of peace is waging a war against people who just want to live their lives in peace . . . yes folks, the muslims are on the march in Mali.  France likes Mali.  France has recently begun dropping many Euros worth of ordinance on the “rebels”, but those pesky terrorists muslims just don’t want to give up!  So, since the whole idea of a standing army is to USE it, it is entirely possible that we are going to be joining France in kicking the heck out of MALI now.


Way to Foster Democracy, Guys.

Islamists want a caliphate under a supreme leader.
Leftists in the USA claim to want democracy.
So we helped in the out-kicking of a dictator in Egypt.  Are you with me so far?
Then the islamists elected their own to power in Egypt.
Then the elected islamist rulers excluded the infidels and rushed through a session creating their new constitution  . . . effectively making the new Egyptian President . . .

wait for it
the new dictator!  Congratulations, President Obama and Secretary Clinton!  Your Smart Diplomacy® skills have evicted a dictator who was friendly to the USA and promoted stability in North Africa, and installed a dictator who would probably like to nuke the USA and have the whole region consumed with islam-related warfare until peace breaks out.

Peace, of course, to an islamist means only one thing: everybody is either a muslim, paying tribute, or dead.

So, pat yourself on the back American taxpayer; you had a hand in the upcoming war also!  Okay, good night – sweet dreams!

Fitghting the Good Fight

Iraq was bad.  Iraq was Bush’s war.  The just war was Afghanistan because Bin Laden was there.  Now that he’s dead there will be no more terrorism and we have pulled all our troops out of Afghanistan.  Oh, wait. . . .

Make that, Secretary of State Clinton tries to get Algeria to help us invade frikken MALI in the global war on not-specifically-islam-or-something. Great.

hat tip: Instapundit

Eh, Guys, What Are You Doing There?

Egypt is moving troops to the Egypt/Israel border, with tanks, to Rafah which is across from the “Palestinian Controlled” area at the southwest of Israel. Yahoo! sucks as a news agency, so the 10-photo series I found has no story with it, and I gotta go to work. I have no time for searching, but I don’t much care for it. Maybe they are fighting off “militants,” sure. And maybe some of us remember 1967.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

In Egypt, the people protested that their country’s head was a tyrant. He resigned and a new Prime Minister is in power. He has been given more power than previous officeholders by the military forces of Egypt. He is also old enough to have one foot in the grave just on account of his age.

The protesters in the streets of Egypt don’t like him. They say he is the new boss, same as the old boss.

No, there’s nothing bad could come from this, nothing at all!