Complete and total vindication of Donald Trump, and it means nothing to the political opposition

OK so the Mueller report says there was no collusion between any Americans and the Russians trying to mess with the election.  This reinforces the similar conclusion from the Senate’s investigation.  According to people who are willing to listen to investigators on both sides of the political aisle:

There was


any evidence that the Trump campaign was conspiring with Russian agents to interfere with the 2016 election.  There was never any evidence of it.

. . . except for the Steele dossier.  The Steele dossier, which was paid for by Clinton dollars and was full of literally false information.  Including known lies and a prank from 4chan idiots involving prostitutes and urine.  It was known by the FBI to be Clinton opposition research FAKE stories, the dossier.  Some people in the FBI tried to warn other people in the FBI that it was fake and they should be careful with it.  What did they do? they lied to the FISC to get their warrant, and lied again to renew it three times.

So we are interested in the truth, yes?  We are willing to spend ten-millions of dollars and employ dozens of people for years to find the truth, yes?  We don’t want criminal activity to go unpunished, n’est-ce pas?  If that is the case then the question should now properly shift to: why was this done?

Some of us have a pretty good idea of why.  But you’ll want me to take off my tinfoil hat before telling you.  It will sound like madness today.  Let the investigation be concluded and then you will find yourself so shocked at the depth and malignity of this scandal that you will hardly believe it could be real.


So now the press corps will shift to mention of Obstruction of Justice by Don John Trump.  I will only remind you of the requirements for a case of obstruction of justice:

  1. There must have been a crime under investigation
  2. The investigation/trial process must have been obstructed somehow, or with corrupt intent someone intended to obstruct the process.

Donald Trump did not collluuuuuuuude with muhRussians to mess around in the election.  There was never a crime and everyone in the investigation knew that.  SO there cannot have been obstruction of justice.  Donald Trump actually took no action to impede the investigation (contrariwise, he co-operated (!) as stated by Messrs Mueller and Barr).  SO there cannot have been obstruction of justice.  The President is the absolute boss of the Department of Justice. He could literally have fired everyone and stopped the investigation.  He could have insisted his underlings stop or actually impede the investigation in various ways, and he never did.  The absolute worst you find in the Mueller report is that he was frustrated and wanted the investigation to stop but utterly failed to stop the investigation.  If words mean anything, then there was no obstruction of Justice by D.J.Trump.

Judge the quality of your chosen source of news accordingly.

What Would He Do Differently?

… or, “With Friends Like These…?”

So we have signed a deal with Iran that has the same effect as an international treaty.  It guarantees Iran will be able to have nuclear weapons.  It guarantees we will not inspect their research sites.  It guarantees we will defend Iranian nuclear sites against attack – including the most likely aggressor nation Israel, our best friend in the entire region.  Oh, and our Secretary of State never actually read the whole bargain, and never even KNEW about the side-deals that make it even worse.

And now we have word that to make the Jews feel better, the Obama offered them a bunch of ballistic missiles.

Um, derp hello?  If this President were TRYING to start World War Three, this is the sort of lamebrained stuff he might pull.  And he still has a year and a half to go.


I’m 100% in favor of the death penalty . . . when it’s an airtight case.  That would increasingly seem to preclude executing people convicted over 10 to 20 years ago when there is any untested DNA or other un-heard evidence.

When there is an open question (in Murder cases) of what the deceased person’s Significant Other was doing that day, after threatening to kill them the way they died if the Significant Other found out the decedent was cheating as this one was . . . yeah, you can’t go without examining all the evidence or hearing the new testimony.  And in this case, there is some pretty extensive new evidence!

The Rodney Reed conviction may have been an easy one at the time, but times have changed, and the people involved in prosecuting that case have been shown to be somewhat less than the purest of hearts in public service.  I was praying to God that this case would be re-heard, and now it will.  Good.

Tell Me Again?

Tell me again, how we are not being mocked as a people. The Théâtre de la Sécurité de l’Aéroport sticks a finger in your wife’s hoo-hah, strip-searches your grandmother, feels you up, records naked pictures of you in the radiate-your-whole-body scanner, all in the name of security. But the TSA agents themselves are exempt from scrutiny, as are pilots, 4Real Police People, and baggage handlers. Baggage handlers get searched maybe once every month or three.

They tell us that these are the most trustworthy of people. We’ve got Top Men screening them before hire. Just nevermind the one guy who was a terrorist a while back. And if you could also please nevermind the guy* who was just caught with 18 guns, half of them loaded, in his carry-on luggage. Also do not inquire into how he ran HUNDREDS of guns from atlanta to New York, on commercial flights alongside you with your confiscated nail clippers and toothpaste.

Please step over here. It’s all for your safety, citizen! Madea was correct: she was owed “a cigarette or somethin'” but we’ve become accustomed to this mistreatment at the hands of our “servants”. Well, some of us. My family drives on vacations, and we have since the 1990s, because I resented the security theater treating me like a felon on my way into a supermax facility just for daring to want to get somewhere faster.  And that was BEFORE all the TSA silliness began.

Boycott the fake security. It’s what we do.


*The communist sez: “He was just trying to feed his family, you see. Society has oppressed him! He is practically a victim!”

Bush Lied, People Died!

. . . now let’s tell the truth so more people can die!

The press is on to soften you up for a ground war against the Islamic State.  Today’s news is:

You remember the Weapons of Mass Destruction that DID NOT BYGOD EVER EXIST in Iraq that George DUBYA Bush LIED about to get us into war?

The ones that IS fighters found in an abandoned depot in Iraq recently?
The chemical weapons that IS fighters are now using on their co-religionists for not waging jihad alongside them?
The ones that we didn’t have to deal with (because they didn’t exist, natch) so it was safe to 100% fulfil campaign promises and get all the way out of Iraq?

Yeah we lied about that.  Or at least didn’t tell you that we’ve been finding more and more chemical WMD all the time, even as late as 2011.  So now the enemy is the worst of the worstest, using chemical weapons* in war and we have to commit to a new righteous ground war against them in Syria!  Nevermind that whole business about invading Syria without their permission, that’s just a political nicety when you’re the world’s policeman.  No, we HAVE to go in with a ground war now.  And by “now” I specifically mean “after at least this election, but preferably after the next Presidential election so it will be the bad-ol’ Republican president’s fault.  And thanks for not pointing out at that future wartime that if the Democrat base had allowed the Democrat President to keep a US military force in Iraq to train the Iraqui army, ISIS would never have become a problem in the first place.

*because chemical weapons kill you deader than plain bombs, they are worse or something. :shrug:

Madam President

I was listening to a man who used to be on the President’s security detail with the Secret Service.  He was discussing how the relationship between POTUS and the SS men who guard him is strictly professional.  Never is it appropriate for the SS agent to initiate contact with the President, except to say “Good morning, Sir*” and maybe a few brief pleasantries and then he should STFU again.  You don’t pal around with the POTUS.

That got me thinking (don’t worry, this is fairly innocuous stuff unless words like cissexism have deep meaning for you, in which case you are a basket case and you will never BE president so don’t worry about it).

Q: If there is a female President, what should the Secret Service men** say to her first thing in the morning?
A: “Good morning, Sir.”

Hold on there.

Sir is an honorific.  Sir is, for an American, the ultimate honorific to use when addressing another American in English.  Sir is the appropriate address for military officers from subordinates, and the POTUS is the Chief Executive Officer.  He’s EVERYBODY’s boss’ boss in Federal armed service, and he gets the highest honorific of them all.  And if he is a she, she still gets the highest form: Sir.

The only real acceptable alternative would be “Good morning, Madam President” but that is more of a mouthful by almost double.

Why not say, “Good morning, ma’am”?

Because it is informal.  You say ma’am to your mom, or to some nice lady on the street.  You don’t say ma’am to the big-high muckety-mucks.  Ma’am is an abbreviation of Madam, and abbreviations are not what you use in formal conversation with The Man!  Madam is the anglicized version of Madame which is literally translated “My Lady” (with capital letters) and that is the feminine version of “My Lord”.  My Lord is one step shy of “Your Highness” and “Your Majesty” which are inappropriate forms of address for USAmericans in any circumstance.  We only go as high as “Sir” or “Madam” and then you have to be a Noble foreigner to get higher honorifics from us.


*Since we are already down this rabbit hole: Sir comes to us from Sire.  Sire is what you say to the King or other nobility, yes, but also to one whom you acknowledge to be (much) older or senior to yourself.  Or your dad, if you like to use old-timey words.

**Yes, MEN.  Bigass burly ones that can kick ass and take names if there are any survivors after they have kicked all the asses.  When that guy the other day jumped the fence and jogged across the White House lawn, he was confronted inside by a Secret Service guard.  A female guard.  The intruder went through that chickcop like a 14lbs bowling ball picking up a spare and kept on going.  He was finally stopped by a MAN Secret Service agent.  Tackled.  You need big burlyass dudes guarding the President.

Most. Transparent. Ever.

“This is the most transparent administration ever” -President B.H. Obama

“You are suspicious and will be prohibited from domestic and international travel, based only on suspicion of an anonymous government agent. You will not be told if, or why, you are on our lists. You can appeal it but we won’t tell you if you prevail. And we’ll be scanning everything in your pocket, including your library card and the business card you got from a paint salesman – and god help you if he’s on the list.” – the Obama administration

Re: the Bergdahl Prisoner of War Swap

I was asked what I think of this affair.  I thought the response was pithy enough to post here as an Official Opinion for you to consider:


I think the President knowingly* skirted the law, to trade a deserter (and possibly traitor) who needs to a court martial and possibly hanged, for five extremely-dangerous high-level terrorists, knowing* that they would be headed straight back into the war on modern civilization.

*knowing, of course, requires competence at his job. It is still hard to tell if he is a huge anti-american-exceptionalism lefty, humongously incompetent at running the country well, or merely evil. I’m hoping for incompetence at this point, but :headshake:


If he DID know this is what he was doing, it’s a treasonous and impeachable offense – that would never see a conviction in this Senate, even if the House were to impeach him.


There is the possibility that he did this to further his narrative that the war in Afghanistan is over.  If so, that tends to indicate Incompetence.  He could also have done it to distract you from the VA and IRS scandals currently* blowing up, which sounds low indeed even for a politician – but remember, Clinton started a war to distract you from his lying to Congress.  Speaking of Clinton, it is also possible that this is a way to make Mrs. Clinton look less-terrible than President Obama just before the upcoming elections, but I somehow doubt Obama would cooperate with them in that to such an extent.

* The VA: it’s looking increasingly like the corruption is present “in root and branch” and I hope it ends up with vets getting an insurance card to go to any ol’ civilian medical care place.  The IRS: it was just ruled in court that a particular plaintiff had a case because they were TOLD they were being hassled for having the wrong viewpoints.  This may be applicable to other cases – and there are possibly LOTS of other cases.