What is your obligation?

If you hear that someone is kidnapping and torturing children on a routine basis, what is your obligation? The police refuse to step in, and you live nearby to where this is happening.  Are you not obliged to help the poor dear children by any means necessary, including violence at the risk of your own life?

So when we have leftarded useful idiots with hyperbolic rhetoric on the television, radio and social media channels . . . when we have elected officials, even Congresscritters, saying this must be handled by people confronting public officials in person . . . what will be the inevitable result?


This is the current story-of-the-week. The press corps is agitating for people to be upset about things Donald Trump himself, personally is doing to these children. This is preferable to you hearing about all the good news coming from all over the world as a result of the actions of Don J. Trump. Look here, it’s outrageous! Nevermind:

  • B.H. Obama was President when the exact same things were going on
  • the only people separated from their children are the ones who intentionally come illegally (vs. the regular way of applying for assylum at a legal point of entry)
  • some of the “parents” are kidnappers and/or child sex traffickers; some of them are also human smugglers
  • the vast majority of “children” in federal custody came here unaccompanied, including e.g. a 4 year-old with his mom’s phone number (in Guatemala or wherever) in magic marker on his shirt…including a 12 year-old girl who was sent with the “plan B” pill because the parents knew she would be raped as a regular part of the journey
  • Mexico could give these “assylum seeking migrants” assylum, if that’s what they were actually seeking
  • the “children” who are 14, 15, 16, and 17 years old in USA are considered grown-ass adults in South America, and many of them made the trek to USA to work for wages, not seeking refuge
  • this “family separation” business is all in accordance with established law and approved by the entire court system in USA

. . . no, never you mind all that. Be outraged specifically and only please at the Trump administration for being literally worse than Hitler, tearing children from the arms of their parents and putting them in cages!


What will be the inevitable result?  Someone is going to be killed. Mark my words, some borderline-insane leftist is going to supersize their news feed with self-selected hatred of this legitimate exercise of law enforcement, and go a’killing. It goes without saying that peoples’ lives will be ruined. 525 or so “protesters” were arrested for causing a disturbance at a federal building the other day. These people now have a criminal record.

Note that the politicians ginning up their useful idiots care zero percent what happens to them. The press corps, of course, is all for their arrests – they can get some more advertising revenue by covering the story they have almost caused to happen by their own efforts.


Those 500 people were all women. Excuse me for being so sexist as to notice and to wonder: where are their husbands?

Scientists Fit Good Data To Bad, Global Warming Resumes

This is as much an online placeholder for me as for you. In the future, when people wonder “what do you mean, scientists adjust the temperature data to make it look warmer?” I can point them to this article right here. One of the two satellite-based temperature records wasn’t showing any warming, so the guys doing the recording have decided to make their very good data fit some iffy data, so it will agree with the politicians’ conclusions.


Correlation != Causation

The next time someone comes up with a study that says “(variable) has been linked to (headline-grabbing catastrophe)” remember: Correlation does not equal causation.

You deniers are always saying that.  What does that even mean?

I’m glad you asked.  Go here and spend 10 minutes amusing yourself, proving that most science headlines based on the results of “studies” are so much wasted ink:

Spurious Correlations

He’s everywhere!

Smile, Nod, and Wait, They’ll Get There Eventually

Honestly, it’s like waiting for children who are just learning the fundaments of addition, when they figure out there is more to life than mere consciousness.  Some for-real scientists decided to whip out some alternate geometry and look at old theories about the universe, and have arrived at the possibility that the universe has neither a beginning nor end, and there are no Big Bangs or Crunches involved*.

The maths are, I am sure, very far over my head.  The point is, when actual Scientists** look at what most people consider to be settled science, sometimes they come up with ideas that are radically different.  Paradigms can and do shift from time to time.  This may be a shifty event – it may not – but it reminds me:

They are still a mile off the mark.  Maybe they are Christians and believe their Bibles 100% but you can hardly prove “In the Beginning, God…” with theory and maths.  However, I have noted that a lot of for-real scientists tend more along the lines of “willingly ignorant” and discard the notion of God entirely.  For them, the notion of a big bang-type singularity 13.8 billion years ago is a comfort.  Expect the not-quite-scientists out there to get their hackles up over this new “no singularities” theory.  Expect terrible “science reporting” to say this “PROVES THERE WAS NO BIG BANG!!!1!” and “WERE CREATIONISTS RIGHT ALL ALONG?!”

Eventually, a child figures out how to do 1+1=2 without even thinking about it.  Eventually, everyone will realize this whole business of big bangs and dark ages is a bunch of humbug, and that “In the beginning, God…” is the actual reality bygod true history of what happened.


*whew!  I hate crunches.  I don’t have an exercise mat, so they always make my back hurt!

**as distinct from Climate Scientists, who only want to murder you for saying their sweet, sweet grant money may have been badly spent by criticizing their religion of anthropogenic global warming

Can We Stop Saying This Now?


*by 0.01 degrees
*in a system with a margin of error of 0.1 degrees
*because of some oceanic weather we don’t like to mention
*and we think it’s more unlikely than likely to be correct, so run those presses boys!
*unless you look at our newest, most recent and accurate measurements, in which case it’s cooler than the record by 0.01 degrees

I keep hearing about how it was a record-warm year despite all the record-cold land surface temperatures and it reminds me of “shenanigans” where I’m the old guy in the scene.

If You Speak English

If you speak US American English, you should be using the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language.*  I paid half a day’s wages for my unabridged, hardback paper copy (with a CD!) and it’s worth every penny.  The nice thing about the AHD is their Usage Panel which consists of non-fools generally keeping to the idea that words mean things, and should keep meaning those things.  They also largely omit phrases which I like, because a dictionary is for words, not piles-of-words-jumbled-into-terms.

Without an intentional conservative bent in your dictionary’s editing, you end up with dictionary companies like Oxford deleting words like “minnow” right out of their opinion of what is good enough to include in a dictionary.  Okay, it’s just the Oxford JUNIOR dictionary.  Kids don’t need to know what a “blackberry” (the plant, not the phone) is, you silly goose!

  • 1) Acorn, WTF that’s not a thing!
  • 2) Sure it is, look in the dictionary!
  • 1) Nope, it’s not there
  • 2) Oh well, my mistake then.

Sure, they have to keep the size of the book down to please the bean counters.  I think they would better serve their readers by not adding nonsense at the expense of legitimate English terms.

Oxford isn’t alone.  Merriam-Webster, Cambridge and others also participate in the Oxford tradition of adding words which should be allowed to fade into ignominy.  It pleases me to know that I am not alone in thinking this is all silliness and should stop.  AHD’s usage panel adds words too, of course, but not BS words that will be forgotten except by people who stumble across them in the dictionary.  I guess I am an old fogy by now, and I’ll take my 4th edition over a 5th edition, given the choice (get off my lawn).


*They even have an online search of their dictionary, which I have made a Keyword Search in my internet browser.  I have it set up so typing “define ______” in the address bar gets me to the search result in the online AHD, which is the definition page for the word, if it is a word.

:Facepalm: – worthty Medical News

The quality of students coming out of Schools of Journalism continues to be a cause for dismay among the thinking persons of the world.  Just TODAY we have two complete failures of what used to be common sense.


hmm… this is awfully close on the heels of the CDC saying circumcision was commendable, in that the demonstrated medical benefits outweigh the very small risks involved with the surgery.  Let me spend more time on google than 100% of reporters apparently did and ….ah, here we are:

Science: little bitty babies exposed to pain killer in Tylenol have increased autism rates.

We gave our sons anesthetic gels applied to the site directly.  Who feeds drugs to a baby that’s not sick, anyway?

and then:

Headline: Depo Provera contraceptive increases (DOUBLE!!!) risk of spreading HIV!!!

My first thought was: I bet those chicks are going raw-dog because they’re on the shot.  100% for-sure this is why they are spreading the “HIV” at higher rates, I bet you a dollar.  In the same search result, from the same website (!) we find:

Science: Depo-Provera Has No Effect on Transmission of HIV

WHEEEEE that was fun.  In related news, drinking water is directly linked to dying from ebola, and exposure to oxygen causes side effects strongly linked to death.  Because of course, for reporting purposes, correlation is THE SAME as causation.  Don’t even think how, it’s a link and that proves the cause because SCIENCE!


Doomed, that’s what we are.

Dirka Dirka Jihad

We turned on the televisor to a news channel last night and  there was a scene of obvious police activity with a scroll text saying something about two policemen being killed in New York City.  As I am the font of all wisdom when it comes to politics and current affairs in our home, DW turned and asked me

DW: What’s going on?
VFD: I dunno, I guess a couple cops got killed in NY.  I call dirka-dirka jihad.

I had a slight reservation though, thinking it would be possibly some crazy person who was “only” crazy.  The initial narrative later in the day was this was “payback” for the death of E. Garner in police custody.  That didn’t quite jibe with the cop-killer shooting his own girlfriend earlier in the day, nor with his suicide.  You could barely find out the killer was black, but it could be guessed from the narrative being woven in front of our eyes.  Then today we read that some bum on the street forgot to check with the national press as to what sort of guy this was supposed to be.  Turns out the New York cop killer was a muslim, attempting to strike fear in their hearts.  Like a good muslim. 

Oops.  We’ll see this week how much press coverage THAT little factoid gets!

Hat tip: Instapundit


He was also apparently an idiot.  Anyone who thinks it is useful in any way to go kill some police as vengeance for the death of someone who died of ill health while in custody of the police, is a fool.  If you think Garner was killed BY police, you are either a fool or very poorly-informed.  If you think killing police in the USA solves or helps anything, or will make them LESS inclined toward violence, you have another thing coming.  And if you go try to make a political statement with violence* and then kill yourself after you have spoken, you are a coward.  Face the consequences of your choices like a man.  Mohammed didn’t kill HIMself after he murdered people, now did he?

*yes, political statement.  He thought police should have a different policy, which would lead to a different outcome for Garner and all others similarly situated.  That is politics.  Marching in the street is a way to protest.  Killing police is a much less-useful way, but still is a way to protest.  He made a political statement and then chickened out of the prison that would be coming afterward.  For a contrasting example, here is someone who actually made a difference in the politics of an oppressive government who is an example of not hiding from jail time.

Tell Me Again, How This is Not Evil

Today we learn that the President of the United States is directing his government to ignore the criminal histories of applicants for long term visas who want to come to the USA.  Also, Professor “the people are too stupid to accept Obamacare” Gruber is testifying before Congress today.  President Obama is also revealed to have not signed an executive order, but merely to have merely written a memorandum of instruction to DHS to not deport 5 million illegal aliens.  But you don’t hear much of that on the alphabet news networks because the CIA “torture” report summary is also being released today.

 Nevermind that no-one in the press has had time to read the 500+ page document yet, they are going to run with it for probably a week.  You are learning that Brown was attacking the cop and Garner was never choked at all, and we need a new distraction. So this.

 The serious people who should be listened to have repeatedly stressed that releasing this report will lead to violence and death.  But, you see, we need something really BIG to distract you now.  So we’ll release it.

Hold on there.

 I have often said that “war is the pointy end of politics” and I reiterate it here, with a real-life example for you of how the axiom is true.  They release this report.  It causes outrage among people who already are outraged at us because of who they are, and this will lead to violence and death.  Death of foreigners (who cares!?) and also death of YOUR CHILDREN in the American military, in the future wars to come.

 Your elected heroes and their appointed flunkies are sacrificing the lives of people in the future, for a *slight* political expediency today.  But hey, it’s just politics.

 Way to elect ’em, America.  Way to go.

Tin Foil Hats Optional

Presented for your consideration: alleged evidence that the leftist agenda is set by the super-rich and played off as for-the-downtrodden-masses.  It’s no good summarizing just click here.

It is worth noting that this is a shining example of the political left doing what they accuse the right of doing.  As the saying goes, “A thief in every face a thief sees”, they accuse the conservatives of doing what they, the left, do as a matter of course.  Conspiracy to set the agenda and make it look like grass roots?  Check.  Huge rich donors supporting leaders of the radical cause?  Check.  Richass rich people not giving their zillions to the poor while claiming to want to help the poor?  Check.  Et cet era.  Hat tip: Instapundit, again.


Here’s a hint for consumption of whatpasses as news these days: if it sounds like it’s wrong, it might be because a shadowy organization of leftists want the press to present it as truth.  Nobody you know believes it but it is presented as the majority opinion because They want it to be presented that way.  You are not the wacko.  They are.