Really, Microsoft?

Microsoft made Windows, and it was good. Well, every other time they released a new version. The other half of the versions all sucked.

Windows 7 in particular is Good Enough. 8 failed hard. 8.1 failed hard. 9 would have been glorious. But they skipped 9, didn’t they. Straight to 10. And it is as bad as could be expected, from a privacy standpoint. It’s ugly, and still not as user-friendly as 7 was. People are avoiding it in droves. Microsoft has stated an intention to have it on a zillion or so computers pretty quickly, so the avoiding was a problem.

They decided to install Windows 10 for you. You’re welcome. Then people complained not a little, and Microsoft stopped changing your operating system without asking. Now they’re going to start it up again. You’re welcome.

2020: the year Microsoft stops supporting 7, may just finally be the year of Linux.

You’re A Jerk, Microsoft.

Dear Microsoft,

Not everyone has unlimited data plans with their Internet Service Providers.  Your automatic update that causes the ENTIRE Windows 10 Operating System to be downloaded has sent lots of users of Windows 7 and 8 right over their data caps.

I hope this costs you millions of dollars in a class-action lawsuit.  This was a dick move 100%


-A user who has turned off automatic SECURITY updates because you lie about what’s important in your mad desire for us to GWX

P.S. if you’re on a metered internet/data plan, you might check the data use on your computer over the last few days.

Dear Google, Your New Logo Sucks, kthanksbye

It looks like something from a kindergarten classroom.  I wouldn’t care at all, except that there is also a new favicon on the tab I keep open for google searches.  I might just need to start using Bing, because your new little rainbow-colored G looks so stupid.  Even duckduckgo’s logo is less dumb than this.

I quit your blogging software because you changed the interface.  I skipped the last THREE versions of WIndows because they changed their interface.  Maybe it’s time to quit the main reason anyone uses you at all, over this.  It is possibly the ugliest icon on my whole computer.  Staring. Me. In. The. Face. All. Day.

Well, That’s New.

I’ve taken it upon myself to learn enough of AutoCAD to be able to make simple objects.  I thought the learning curve for Photoshop was steep.  Compared to AutoCAD, learning Photoshop is a cakewalk.  I was beating my head against the program for a few minutes just now trying to find out what are the fundaments I need to learn, and I realized something:

I haven’t been this ignorant of anything in a long, long time.  I usually have a decent idea what I’m doing, but there is much here I have never learned before.  VERY much.  Everywhere I look there are a few dozen more options.  As I told DW the other day:

It’s like taking someone who doesn’t know how to swim or drive a car, putting them behind the yoke in an airplane and telling them, “Good luck!”

Solved: Photoshop Image Disappears After Crop!

This has plagued me for ages and I FINALLY figured out why it happens.  I have not seen this explained anywhere online.  It has affected me since CS2, and I’m using CS5 now.  Other versions are probably also affected.

You may have already found that you can fix this problem by pressing the button to Clear the Crop tool preferences.  But it doesn’t always stay fixed.  Somehow it keeps putting a 1 in one of the Crop Tool dimension preferences.  You go to make your crop and. . . the image is gone, reduced to 1 invisible pixel onscreen.

WHY!??!!?  Adobe why u do dis?

You’re doing it to yourself.  I just got a new keyboard and it has an enter key where I sometimes hit it by accident.  Not a Return key like you normally have over the Shift key.  An ENTER key, like you find on the tenkey area on your keyboard.  These are not the same.  Striking the Enter key puts a zero in the Crop Tool preferences, which is an invalid entry.  It doesn’t do whatever you were wanting to do when you hit Enter by accident.  The usual action to take when Photoshop messes up somehow is to hit Escape to make it exit whatever it was doing.  Hitting escape after putting a zero in the crop tool dimensions tells photoshop “whatever dude, just figure out what size I wanted to crop my image”.

Hitting escape changes the zero to the next-valid number: 1

Then you hit your image with a crop, and Photoshop faithfully crops to one pixel, just like you told it to do.  Instead of a ragequit, hit Clear again, and try to avoid striking the Enter key, or any keystroke combination that adds up to Enter on your keyboard.

DIY/SOLVED! Laptop Battery Power Noise

Huh.  Fixed just like that with one click!

Some laptop/notebook computers will be silent while running on their AC power adapters, but then when they start using battery power they make noise.  Annoying, high pitched, whine/squeal/chirpy type noises.  Typically, when you are barely using the computer the noise is worse.  Typically the noise will stutter when you scroll with the mouse (which takes just a liiiitle more processing power).

This is an audio frequency resonance in the electronics, caused (I think) by the power converter in your notebook computer.  It is switching (power converting) slowly enough for you to hear, because the computer is barely using any power.  And it is rather a nasty little noise, if it’s the loudest thing you hear as the next-loudest thing in your room is your own breathing.  My Dell e1705 does did this pretty reliably when just reading plain web pages, for example.  Apparently this is something that ALL notebook computer manufacturers trip over from time to time.

On a whim, I decided to look up this problem online and see if anyone had a fix.  On some Lenovos, apparently, you only need to install Laptop Whine Killer.  My computer showed no change with that.  Some people advise turning off a certain power-conserving state ( C3 ) with RMClock, which will cost you (mumble) minutes of battery life.  One person recommended turning off their Bluetooth module’s power conservation mode to eliminate the noise.  I checked: my BT was set to let Windows turn it off to conserve power.  I un-checked that box and the computer got WAY quieter.  Make a SMALL change to your power plan like any of these, and see if it helps.

Cheers for silent computers!


Okay, maybe not totally silent.  But when you start from “nails on a blackboard”, going to “someone playing piano quietly in the room down the hall behind closed doors” is a huge improvement.  There is still some noise, but not nearly as bad.  People with worse hearing than mine wouldn’t be able to hear what’s left.  Close enough.