Scientists Fit Good Data To Bad, Global Warming Resumes

This is as much an online placeholder for me as for you. In the future, when people wonder “what do you mean, scientists adjust the temperature data to make it look warmer?” I can point them to this article right here. One of the two satellite-based temperature records wasn’t showing any warming, so the guys doing the recording have decided to make their very good data fit some iffy data, so it will agree with the politicians’ conclusions.


A Gutsy Call

The Keystone XL section of oil pipeline has been controversial for several years now. Our fearless, bold, GUTSY even, Dear Leader Obama has decided!  It has been decided, OFICIALLY!!! You will  all bow and admire the boldness of our President! He has firmly said NO to the Keystone XL extension.

A month AFTER the pipeline company announced they were withdrawing* the proposal from consideration by the US government. SMH.

I am reminded of this press-overreaction to this incident


*right. they’re not withdrawing it. Just withdrawing it until further notice. TOTALLY different. Riiiight.

Environmental “Science”

Because it’s all about the science and not about politics AT ALL just pure science and we all agree* – and because it’s costing money to fight back against people who disagree, plus making our sweet, sweet grant money for Science research look in doubt…

Dear President Climate Believer,

Please prosecute these people making our financial future look in doubt under organized crime laws, because their science disagrees with the science all the Right Sorts of People agree with.


A whole bunch of Climate Religionists

*you remember when we all agreed the Earth was the center of the solar system? They persecuted the skeptics of THAT theory also. But who was right- the Consensus or Copernicus?**

**orignally, I had put “the consensus or the people still asking questions” but this flows much better 🙂

What Would He Do Differently?

… or, “With Friends Like These…?”

So we have signed a deal with Iran that has the same effect as an international treaty.  It guarantees Iran will be able to have nuclear weapons.  It guarantees we will not inspect their research sites.  It guarantees we will defend Iranian nuclear sites against attack – including the most likely aggressor nation Israel, our best friend in the entire region.  Oh, and our Secretary of State never actually read the whole bargain, and never even KNEW about the side-deals that make it even worse.

And now we have word that to make the Jews feel better, the Obama offered them a bunch of ballistic missiles.

Um, derp hello?  If this President were TRYING to start World War Three, this is the sort of lamebrained shit he might pull.  And he still has a year and a half to go.

QOTD 02/25/2015

Mish brings the smart!  This really blew my hair back, and explains a lot.  They say the truth has a certain ring to it – and this rings very LOUD and clear.

“It would be difficult to find a central banker on the planet that is truly competent. By definition, no one competent could even take the job because they would not believe in central bank planning in the first place.” -Michael Shedlock, 2/25/15


Medically-Fragile, As If It Makes A Difference!

The Todd & Don show today opened with two minutes (before I changed channels) talking about how great it was that the Clerk in Austin has signed off on the first “gay marriage” license in Texas.  They mocked those of us who understand things better than they do:

“So now two people got married, I guess your marriage is falling apart hahaha”

To which I will respond with reductio ad absurdum:

So now someone stole grapes from the grocery store, I guess you don’t have as much fruit at your house hahaha
So now a woman got raped, I guess your vagina hurts hahaha
Someone was murdered I guess now you are dead hahaha

Just because something doesn’t have an immediate direct negative effect in my life, does not mean it is good for us to allow it to go on.  To argue that your opponent is somehow oafish or foolish to think something should not be allowed to go on “just” because it is bad for society, is to highlight your status as an oaf, fool, or both.

I take this opportunity to remind you of my excellent essay on the topic of why “gay marriage” is bad, and why it is even so much as a topic of discussion (let alone an actual thing) in the modern USAmerican political discourse.


They kept repeating on the radio how this one couple of lickers was granted a special case because one of them is “medically fragile” due to having cancer.  Well excuuuuuuse me I think I should be allowed to get away with robbing your house because I have cancer.  I should be allowed to walk up to you and slit your throat will screaming how my god is the best, because I have cancer.  What a bunch of jerks!

“I Am Not A Crook.”

“I will finally end the abuse of no-bid contracts once and for all,” -Candidate Obama, 2008


(finds out governmentin’ is hard, and rules suck)

“I want new airplanes.  Buy me these ones, in particular.” -President Obama, 2014**

We “need” new aircraft for Air Force One.  There are two major companies currently making airliners currently capable of international travel without stopping to refuel.  We have decided to forego the competitive bidding process entirely and use the product of the company we like better.*


*the other company has a worrisome tendency for their planes to break up in flight for no particularly good reason, plus they are dang furriners and we can bygod make union-labor-made planes right here in the USA.  I’m actually 100% in support of this decision – just pointing out that our President is a liar.  Again.  Still.

**This is a VFD paraphrase.  It is entirely possible that he does or does not have any input into this decision-making process.  Even so, HE is the CinC and running DoD so it’s still his call.

For Your Own Good, Citizen!

In addition to me, Istapundit also sees the truth.  In case anyone decides to act in a few years as if this could not possibly have been foreseen, I present the following quote for future reference:

First force the savings, then confiscate!“-Glenn Reynolds, Jan 24, 2015

The Democrats, having thoroughly lost the ability to make it happen when they lost control of Congress, have proposed a bill.  This bill is going to be described in the national press as being “for” the workers who just can’t seem to get it done on their own.  Expect Republican opposition to fold like a house of cards once the wind of “for the people” starts blowing in the press (unless the new Congress is really “different, this time!”).

The bill, if they think they can’t get it passed, is probably an attempt to make the Republicans look like jerks that hate workers of the country.  Truly, it is a display of their hand.  Not that they’ve been playing very close to the chest recently, but they’re really tipping the cards down here.

Senators Whitehouse and Neal introduce retirement savings bill.  The workers aren’t saving for retirement because their mean-ol’ baddy CAPITALIST bosses don’t offer them an expensive plan for tax-preferred savings.  That’s it.  No, it’s not that the national monetary policy prevents the dollars people earn from being enough to live on.  No, it’s not that 20-somethings can’t be bothered to think about retirement savings (due to bad national education policy).  It’s because it’s not automatic.  Not because people chose to invest somewhere else with their own money.  No, we’re going to shrink your pay checks because we know better than you what should be done with your money.  You WILL be enrolled in an Individual Retirement Account.  IRAs for everyone!  (not 529 plans though, those are only for evil people now).

For the time being, enrollment is voluntary.  They don’t think the courts are friendly-enough to mandatory wealth confiscation for retirement savings in addition to the mandatory wealth confiscation for retirement savings already provided by the Social Security system.  Those who are smart will opt-out of these plans as soon as they are offered.  IF you have enough free money every pay check (after bills and debt service) to invest, buy gold or guns/ammo.  Durable Things.  Not legal constructs.  As one wise man has pointed out:

“If you depend on the legal constructs of wicked men to help you save money, don’t be surprised when they take it from you, legally.”

The proposal was already fielded to cause you to convert your 401(k) into investments in USA’s national debt notes instead of whatever you wanted to invest in with your money.  The proposal has been fielded to limit how much of your money you will be able to save.  Now we have a proposal to take MORE than the 12% of your pay going to social security already, and invest that for your retirement as well.

VFD, IRAs for everyone is a GOOD idea!

No.   Voluntary IRAs at everyone’s discretion, invested as they see fit, would be a good idea.  Involuntary (or automatic) IRAs for everyone invested in places the government chooses, is a bad idea.


Let me be clear:
The end game is: after your money has been taken for your “individual” IRA, the money will be found to be inequitably distributed.  There will still be people who “need help” out there.  It’s just not fair that you set money aside, and these people have none.  In the interest of the greater good, and for fairness, we will take your individual account and socialize it.  Mark me well: unless something drastic happens, your 401(k), IRA, and yes eventually even your Social Security “savings” are all going to be confiscated and spread around to those who are less-fortunate.  You may have some of it back when the government says so.  If you obey.

A Modest Proposition

…to be euphemistic.  Both ideas are outrages, but one has a chance of success at achieving the stated objective.

President Obama proposes that we give two years of college to all students free of charge to them.  The taxpayer, of course, will take it in the shorts.

The proposal to give away free college years is an admission that our national primary and secondary schools are failures at properly educating our people.

The first two years of college for most students these days are often filled with remedial courses to prepare the student for ACTUAL college level work.  The first 8 grades of school used to be enough years of learning to prepare people for successful adulthood. Then we instituted public schools as a nation to train farmers’ children to be barely-literate factory workers in 12 years.  The sights were set low, and we have now seen what it is to achieve the stated objective: our people are largely uneducated by the time they are old enough to work, but they could push buttons or pull levers all day.  Now that we are no longer a nation of manual and factory laborers, we find ourselves replete with people only educated well enough to do Industrial Revolution-era style manufacturing work.  This is not a healthy model.  Also, for some reason, parents these days seem to want their children well-enough educated to succeed at life doing something better than flipping burgers.  So, to placate the parents and get the students ready to do something that involves a modicum of brainpower, the proposal is to send them to college for two years.*

This is nothing more than an extension of high school.  In addition to a HUGE power and money transfer, there is very little additional benefit to this idea. The people who REALLY want a college education somehow figure out how to get it done. Those who can’t afford it now are given money in Pell and other grants as well as relatively low-rate FAFSA loans. To say the cost is the problem is to admit you don’t understand why people don’t go to college.

Now here’s a question for those who will consider it:

Would you rather give every student $6,000 for two years of community college tuition, or would you rather give $6,000 cash to every student who graduates high school with a B or better average?

I would much rather the second.

The students who have no family or cultural reason to even want to BE in school, will surely understand the meaning of cold, hard cash in their hands.  It’s been tried and proved: Bribing children to do well in school results in them doing significantly better in school.  The upshot of this method is not only motivating children who might otherwise be dropouts to succeed in high school.  There is an additional benefit: they would have money to start on their college careers if they chose to continue their education.  Otherwise, they would have money to get a deposit on an apartment and buy a beater car, and be in good shape to start their own lives on their own two feet.


*He actually said he wants to give them college years free, “…if they are willing to work for it”.  Now there’s a cryptic sentence for you.