The Problem With Socialism

…is that, eventually, you run out of other peoples’ money.  All along the way to abject poverty being spread across the general populace of a Socialist nation, we have the same thing:  Fellow-travellers and Communist/Socialist sympathizers in places that are not (yet!) Socialist keep going on about how great the Socialism is, and how if only we would do what they do our place would be better, like their place is.

And then they refuse to give cancer patients their medicine.  I long ago grew tired of hearing advocates for single-payer healthcare saying how well it works where it’s been tried.  Next time, I’ll remember to ask them if this is what they mean by “it works.”

h/t: instapundit

Single Payer: No. Not, “No, Thank You”

As the expression goes, “Not just no…”

“Single-payer” is very innocuous-sounding.  But the other day I saw an article about how people are being told not to go to the doctor in England because they’re full.  This reminded me about few recent posts of Mish’s discussing why socialized healthcare (perforce) sucks.  I’d say it’s coincidental timing, but one does not have to try hard to find articles about systemic problems in health care in nations where it has been nationalized.

Good For Them

The world, and especially the female half of that part blessed with running water, electricity, and telecommunications, is all abuzz about the birth of the new royal baby in UK.  The male half is roundly deriding the female half, and saying what’s the big deal/big whoop/don’t care.  Well I do care.

Hold on there.

A little.  I care a little.  I am very happy for the (royal) couple, on a human level.  I am especially happy for Prince Harry, in particular.  You see, in addition to being the latest in a long line of inbred royalty, the new baby is also part of a new family (which is a Positive Good al to itself).  We have a Father/Prince who is not only a genuine warrior but “gets it” when it comes to being a warrior (another Good Thing).  He is now the proud father of a first-child-son (two more Postive Goods) who it in line for his throne after him (yet another).  So good for Prince Harry x5.  Plus he continues to win at life because he has a hot wife, who can bear children, and who for the short term future is going to have a fantastic set of knockers.

So tell me where’s the criticism coming from?  Sure I’m not standing outside Buckingham Palace in the heat, but I’m also not joining the 100,000 people at a NASCAR race this weekend either.  Different strokes for different folks, just let them be happy already.

Art Imitating Preventing Life

So today at work, as usual, there was a crash, followed by snarky commentary:

Stuff: (crash)
RR: Safety first!
NP: Safety third!
VFD: Safety somewhere in the consideration, but let’s not get carried away.

This sort of amusement happens more-or-less constantly at our company, so this one slipped into my personal /dev/null. Then to my surprise, I read a story from Skegness (in England, as you know) that illustrates the principle that we can, indeed, get carried away with safety considerations.

Skegness has a jolly fisherman for a mascot. There’s an antique statue and everything. The statue has its arms out to the sides, all gay & skippin’ around & whatnot. Well there are plans being laid for another statue. This replacement was to have its arms tight in by the body. This, of course, prevents children swinging on the outstretched arms, slipping off, getting hurt, and bringing lawsuits. The decision to be safer than reasonable so outraged the citizens that the plan to sissify the statue is being reconsidered.

Because [deleted] the kids. And safety. They’ll figure it out after a couple of falls anyway.

England used to be the power of the western world, and truly manly beards were in evidence everywhere. They barely decided not to have Awesome be part of their name but settled on Great instead. Now look. Look and point and laugh, and be sure to never, ever vote Democrat.

Coming Soon to a Government Near You?

Man arrested at his kid’s school, jailed overnight, house searched for illegal weapons . . . because a 4 year-old girl thinks of her daddy as the hero who shoots bad guys and monsters, and drew a picture of a man with a gun. In Canada.

Man fined $200 for littering . . . for pouring out warm water from his water bottle onto the street. In Australia.

This is what happens when people let their governments get out of hand. What are YOU doing to check YOUR government?

THIS Is What Soft Tyranny Looks Like

  • You move into a house
  • The land nearby is covered with weeds and trash
  • You can’t even see around the corners when you drive
  • Residents waiting at the bus stop are crowded by blackberry bushes
  • So you clean it up
  • And the local council says you are “Cultivating” and
  • orders you to pay $100 for a retroactive license
  • or you have to put the car suspension parts back on the land
  • and plant weeds again.

In England, where the Nanny State is approaching its zenith, this is The Way Things Are. The slope from “no cell phones in school zones” to “no removing weeds without a license” is very steep and very slippery. Where do you draw the line? After all, all the regulations sound perfectly reeeeeeeasonable, don’t they? You are not against people enjoying the land, are you? What kind of a person would object to licenses for cultivating public land?

The Good People did nothing in England and the Evil has prospered.

Don’t be too amused – we are hard on their heels down this road. I know an arborist who had to pay $20,000 to have trees planted, after he cleared someone’s private property of . . . unwanted trees.

But, surely, someone else will run for office where you live. Not because they want control, do they spend their time getting control. No, surely they are dedicated public seeeeervants writing the rules! Surely! I mean, otherwise you would have to GET OFF YOUR DUFF and look into your local government and maybe even (gasp) give up Friday night happy hour and attend City Council meetings!

The World: Gone Mad!

A couple of random Chinese tourists were walking around in UK and heard sumdood singing Kung Fu Fighting in a pub. They were offended at this blatant racism, summoned the Police, and the singer was arrested.

Superman (the comic book hero) says (in the cartoon) he’s tired of being perceived as a tool of the government and renounces his US Citizenship

A surgeon at the top of his field (President of the American College of Surgeons, inventor, super-genius and possibly a huge stud) makes a passing reference to a scientific study and is forced to resign. The study says having unprotected sex makes women less depressed, and is Actual Legitimate Science, but apparently the chicks at Surgery News need to [content redacted] a little more and maybe lighten up a little. Bonus points to this story for legitimate use of the term richly vascularized vagina

(only one link was provided for three stories, because let’s be honest – you were clicking on vagina regardless, so why bother putting a link to a comic book or a police arrest story?)

England Retreats Nearer to Third World Nation Status

Electricity: maybe.

In the name of “da envirument” they are upgrading their electric grid in UK to one with occasional outages, but which is much hipper with the environmentally-correct jetsetting crowd. I’m sure it will be totally worth it.

England used to be the height of western power. Now they won’t even have electric power all the time. *sigh*

Regulations (and Crows) be D—-ed

In Cirencester, UK, a crow is costing hundreds of pounds, ripping the wiper blades off cars. It is reported that if a car is left with its wipers uncovered for half an hour, the crow or crows will come along and strip the rubber off the blades.

In a slightly freer country, this means that, at the half-hour of a man’s choosing, the crow will be perforated and dead, dead, dead. In the UK where guns are essentially banned, they will continue to lose wiper blades by the dozen until the crows get tired of the game. I would be surprised if someone didn’t get into big trouble trying to trap the stupid birds, too. Health & Safety regulations being what they are (stupid), it would probably be cheaper just to continue replacing the wiper blades, even if jail for the bird trapper is avoided.

What a stupid country UK is turning out to be. Note that this used to be a nation where men were required to maintain proficiency with the long bow, the “assault rifle” of the day. Now look at you.

Therapist Helps People? That’s Insensitive!

When I was a lad, my suspicion of government interference in private affairs was fertilized by a story I read. The protagonist got in Big Trouble because he not only wrote a book, but asked if a friend wanted to read it after the friend asked about the work.

And in the place where England used to be, in real life, you can lose your professional license for responding to what looked like a plea for help from someone with a voluntary self-harmful behavior. Queer activists succeed there beyond the wildest dreams (well . . . ) of queer activists on this side of the pond.

Dr. Laura said -before she went soft on homersexuals- the end-game of the normalization of deviant sexuality is being able to have sex with children with impunity. You are to be jailed for your failure to recognize that they HAVE TO do what you recognize is destructive, sinful, disgusting, and just plain wrong to the most defenseless among us.

Coming soon to a country near you, if you will let it.