A Christian Greeting . . . from the POTUS? Nice.

Watch this:

That’s what I’m talking about. The nice interior scenes are Melania Trump’s decorations in the White House, which are classy as all get out.


“Restoring Internet Freedom” . . . what actual Net Neutrality should be: getting government BACK out of the way!

Internet Service Providers should never have been declared to be public utility providers.  I commend Commissioner Pai for his courage to stand up to a flood of astroturfed commments and restore a measure of liberty to the network market.

Netflix and other big CDNs can suck it.

Now, we next need to work on getting monopoly/duopoly rules protecting local companies’ ISP stranglehold on their markets taken out of the way.  It shouldn’t be against the rules to start a new ISP in a market. Anywhere. People who say we should try to fix the monopoly system of local ISP service by adding bad regulations on top of it don’t understand things properly.



Read all about it: https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/DOC-347927A1.pdf

G20 is Taking a Hint. Good.

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.

That right there is a promise, and you can take it to the bank.  Nevermind all the actual science out there supporting the idea that mankind isn’t destroying the world be setting its thermostat a couple of degrees higher.  A Christian can take comfort in knowing that God built this planet for us with loads of automatic temperature regulation.  So it’s nice to see the new POTUS saying he doesn’t want to continue to transfer taxpayer dollars into croney deals with “green” companies.  But it’s extra nice to see that the new tone in Washington, D.C. is echoing loud enough around the world that (for now?) the G20 is toning down its rhetoric on the subject.

You Mean, We Don’t Know Everything?

It continues to be increasingly apparent that climatology is not a mature science. The debate is not closed, and the science is in fact far from settled. The latest thing you probably won’t hear from American news networks:

The earth has yet another natural cooling system and it’s stronger than we thought. This is, of course, NOT accounted for in the zOMGlobalWarming computer models.  You know, it’s almost like somebody put some thought into maintaining this a nice place for us to live. That Designer sure would have to be Intelligent…


And when it comes to what we do know, have a look at how carefully they treat the data to reflect reality 100% of the time: 99% of this one dataset is *ahem* estimated!

You’re Supposed to Say, “Good Morning, Mister Herman”.

Kenneth Herman tried to comply with State law and his kids’ school freaked out and ended up losing in court.  State law says he can carry his pistol into school.  Hoplophobes in the school said “nuh-uh, that’s scary” and denied him access.

“If I’m a principal and I’m sitting in my office and I see someone walking up to my building with a gun, what am I supposed to do?”

You’re supposed to say Good Morning to them, because these are the same parents carrying concealed and making you safer without you knowing.  You have vicious little anklebiters running around with sharpened pencils and nobody gets hurt, ALL the time!  Because a person has something dangerous, does not mean you are in danger.  Duh?

So: Good news for rights secured in the 2nd Amendment.  In good news from foreignerland, the Dutch have had their rights upheld as well: If you want to move there, they are recognized as being able to impose their language on you.   Yes, this is great news.  A nation comprises its borders, language, and culture.  This ruling is tremendous for the Netherlands and I congratulate the whole country on their success.

Score One for the Grown-Ups?

Despite the reprehensible, despicable meddling in foreign elections undertaken by President Obama, it appears Prime Minister Netanyahu is once again re-elected by the people of Israel.  It will take a while to shake out the government, but at least there is a margin (however slim it may be) for the party of standing up for their own nation’s right to exist.


I’m sure President Obama would be crying very foul indeed if Netanyahu were sending agents to undermine HIS re-election campaign.  Then again, he probably wouldn’t like it if New York City were being shelled from Canada, and would possibly even be as militaristic as an Israeli being shelled from the Golan.  The world will probably never know, but we can’t have an end to the Terror of Obama soon enough.

Good News From This Weekend

My kindergartener (#3) brought home a book about Martin King Jr.  He started to read it but the words are too advanced so I read it to him.  That’s not the good news.

On the way home from a park the other day, my SIXTH grader (#1) asked “who’s Martin Luther King Jr.?” which blew my mind right before a brief introduction to MLK’s main legacy was given.  That’s not the good news.

When I went to read the book to #3, I called #1 and #2 over and read it to all of them.  This book glosses over the unpleasantness of the times.  Several times I paused during the reading to explain the way things used to be in the good old U.S. of A.  The good news is that, when I was explaining the way black people used to be treated here, they couldn’t really get their heads around it.  It was so foreign to their life experience and stupid, their innocent little brains had trouble with it.

Sometimes A Little Anti-Islamism Isn’t Enough

~ or, What’s the Worst That Could Happen? ~

China, seeing their investments in Iraqi oil fields evaporating as ISIS steals their refineries one by one, has gotten a clue.  They are making noises about helping to fight IS in Iraq.  I think it wouldn’t hurt China’s feelings to regain their Syrian oil fields from IS also, but that comes later.

For now, we only have one of our main *ahem* competitors talking about intervention in the same place we are for-sure 100% NOT until after the next election putting boots on the ground.  Stand by for “oopsies” friendly fire incidents from either side.  Worst case is World War III from the response to that.

Then again, maybe China just uses the war they are about to join, as practice for when they forcibly convert China to the proper Mainland way of Doing Things.  To which the rest of the civilized world might respond in kind, and we get WWIII from that too.

Or maybe they want to get some better exercise for their military than suppressing islamic minorities in china.  Or maybe they want a chance to field-prove their newest Chengdu fighter.

Or maybe they just want their oil infrastructure back?

Paying Attention to the Dismal Science

From just the last couple weeks of Mish (who you SHOULD read daily-ish)

Russia’s currency in trouble

ECB trying to imitate Japan‘s crushing of its own economy with debt – Japan still teetering on the brink of disaster

Gold draining out of the fed (note the dates of prior big drains!)

Increasingly many economists calling for huge economic crashes

Into unstable economic times come banks which will profit very handsomely, then a global crash in the next year, maybe as far off as three years, then

. . . world war?

CDC Agrees With God?

Know right off the bat that the American Academy of Pediatrics (yes, the same one that advocated *minor* female genital mutilation) says they feel passionately that circumcision is bad, mmmkay?  The AAP also said not to give water to babies.  The AAP is currently deprecated in my opinion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (note the difference in agency names?) says circumcision can

  • Reduce risk of “HIV infection” from an “infected” FEMALE partner 50-60% (the evidence is not there for but seks male partners)
  • Reduce risk of herpes and genital warts (which leads to cervical cancer in women) by 30% or more
  • Reduce UTI in infancy
  • Reduce penile cancer in adult men

 But it’s all terribly judeo-christian, so there is political opposition.  Screw it.  God gave a blanket rule for his chosen people to do it.  I’m a different sort of chosen person, but anytime God gives blanket advice you can be sure it is a good idea, even if it was not directed at you.