Rumors of Wars

In the last couple of weeks we have been greeted with news that North Korea has developed an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach out and touch US 10,000 miles away.  And that they have probably miniaturized a nuclear warhead to fit to one.  The POTUS has threatened them, that if they threaten us, there will be “fire and fury” the likes of which the world has never seen.  Both sides have abrogated the Armistice, and North Korea says it is no longer bound by the Armistice.

That means we are at war.

Hold on there.

I suppose it is worth noting that the NorKs are famous for rattling sabers they don’t exactly have, with a history of parading models of arms instead of working arms being on parade – but still.  The rhetoric is at a recent high just now, and we have heads of State on both sides pointing fingers in each others’ face and saying the other needs to tone it down or else.  But the situation recently changed in a different way than anyone seems to have expected.


President Trump has got the Chinese to agree to sanctions against North Korea (along with literally everyone else on the U.N.S.C.) and that is big league.  The best case scenario I think is the Chinese government is convinced to lean hard enough on North Korea to give up either its nuclear program or its dictator, or both.  Preferably both.  I hope it doesn’t devolve into war but aside from a limited number of possibly-pretty-bad missile strikes from submarines and ships, I like to think it would be a lopsided conflict and it would last as long as the USA wanted it to last.  I think I don’t flatter myself too much when I think we could pave the entire peninsula in rubble.  I don’t put it beyond the crazy in North Korea to have dug a bunker for himself deep enough that we couldn’t blow it up, but we can surely deprive him of all his military might in a relative hurry.

We’ll see.  Time will tell that tale.


Also, relatively unreported-upon in the USA press, a civil war is breaking out in Venezuela.  They have finally reached the logical end-stage of pure Socialism and the society has collapsed.  The people are starving and the military is apparently waking up to reality.  A “former” Lieutenant led a small strike force into a military base in Valencia and stole some arms.  Half his force was captured or killed, which is a terrible ratio but maybe his luck turns better in the future.

It has repeatedly happened, that full-scale warfare followed from a few guys with a few guns, who managed to steal some more guns from the government they were trying to overthrow.  Will this armed rebellion in Venezuela result in the overthrow of Maduro, or will it be crushed?

We’ll see.  Time will tell that tale, too.  But you probably won’t hear much about it in the USAmerican news.


Politics: Strange, Strange Things ‘Round The World

From North Korea: So you didn’t mourn well enough when the Dear Reader died? The world laughed at you? JAIL!

So you didn’t get enough signatures to get on a primary ballot in the United State of Virginia? Well that just goes to show Virginia is bustin’ the law with their primary system and we should put you on the ballot, because . . . LAWSUIT! Judge says: Not so much. Primary ballots: An example of the way our system of government is the worst one except for all the others. In related news, I find it veeeEEEEeeery interesting that the two people I consider most-likely to be the Nominee will be the only two choices for Virginia’s primary voter.

We Say Bad Things About Each Other . . .

When it is about to be time for a new national leader in the USA, half the country starts saying nasty things about the other half. It is hoped that, in this case, the North Koreans start killing just a few South Koreans to show that the new dictator leader of North Korea isn’t afraid of the USA.

It is hoped they are not trying to egg South Korea into a war. Especially because we are BFFs with South Korea and we’re not big fans of letting the NorKs take over without a fight.

It is regrettable that we have Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama when this is taking place, but I give even this lot better than even odds of managing to not get us into a nuclear war with North Korea. Conventional war, even odds or better also.

Perhaps we should be praying about this . . . .

The Club Is Full.

In the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter and the March Hare greeted Alice by hollering at her “No room! No room!” and tried to shoo her away from their mostly-empty table.

Well, that’s us. North Korea and Iran have every right as sovereign nations to use nuclear power generation facilities for peaceful purposes. They are both apparently well on the way to doing so. And

– here’s the sticky wicket –

both nations are governed by human rights-violating tyrants who wish in public that they had more power and/or fewer neighbors. Oh, and the same technology they are looking to start using has the potential to be turned into the most destructive device ever invented.

It’s an interesting question: does the guy who threatens everyone on his street with knife violence get to have kitchen knives? How threatening does he have to get before you go in and take all his knives away? And then what does he use to cut his tomatoes for his sammiches?

Well anyway, apparently high technology for nuclear power is more important than feeding the people of North Korea or getting them electrical power . . . it turns out that the NorKs have a couple thousand uranium enrichment centrifuges going and we “didn’t” know about it.

. . . strictly for peaceful purposes, of course . . . .

Timing: Perfect!

The North sank a ship from the South with a torpedo from a submarine. This is as far as we know the worst in a series of exchanges of fire between the two Koreas. Now our bungling Secretary of State (Mrs. Clinton) has set up some joint military exercises. Make that, she set up joint military exercises beginning on the very day when, 57 years ago, the “Korean War” was joined.

North Korea always threatens to fight when these joint exercises are held. This time they are threatening to use nukes on our friends and us. It’s always hard to tell when the crazy guy will snap, so this might just get very interesting in a hurry. We’ll see. Prayers that this is another routing bluff are definitely in order.

N. Korea Making A Risky Bet

On one hand, we have a bunch of sympathetic co-religionists fellow-travelers Democrats running the United States, and they are already stretching their military resources thin over in the Middle East. They are unlikely to want to START a war with us, and they may be loath to jump in a war we start with the South, because they are Capitalist Pigs in the South.

On the other hand, Hillary is bumbling toward war talk, and their President is obviously able to be swayed by public outcry, at least sometimes. Plus, they did kick our [deleted] last time we were involved in a war with the USA and the South.

. . . but you know, it sure would be nice to have all that industrialized goodness down there, and it would show what a great leader I am, to win a war over the South . . .

Bumbling Toward Korean War II

There are right and wrong ways to approach a madman with his finger on the button. Having a woman with no clue how to be a Senior Statesman -especially the woman who made it possible for Korea to become a nuclear state to begin with- talk about “serious consequences” is probably not the way. Citing undeniable proof when there is only circumstantial evidence is also not the way.

I hope to continue to believe that the people running America right now are just bumblers and generally incompetent. I can’t see Hillary Clinton getting us in a war over one foreign Navy’s ship being sunk, but she probably wouldn’t even see it coming until we were knee-deep in (sh)it. Then again, her husband did paint our warplanes blue and bomb the heck out of Yugoslavia, so . . .


. . . still waiting on the war crimes indictment against him on that one, BTW.

What You Didn’t See On The 9:00 News Tonight:

Fidel Castro, Communist dictator, murdering thug, and president over a nation with (arguably) the world’s WORST health care system, endorses Obamacare.

A South Korean ship “unexpectedly” develops a gaping hole at the aft end, sinking the boat and killing perhaps as many as 40 crewmen. After North Korea warned the South to be on the lookout for “unpredictable strikes.” Recall please that North Korea has already broken the 1953 Armistice we forced them to sign, having whooped up on them for a few years.

Last but not least, the bullet that struck the offices of an Obamacare opponent was apparently random gunfire, not targted (like the brick through Slaughter’s window).


Is it really any wonder that Fox is getting as many viewers as all the other news channels combined these days?

What the hell good is the rest of the press, if they won’t report the news?


Okay smarty-blogger, why won’t they report these stories then?

Everybody knows Cuba’s healthcare sucks, aside from the kookiest members of the dailykos staff. It makes Obamacare (and therefore Obama) look even WORSE if everybody knows Castro likes it. Hillary, Obama’s (bad) choice for Secretary (that’s sexist) of State, arranged peace talks between North and South Korea. This is ANOTHER failure of the Obama administration. Then, if you think there is violence all over the place on healthcare, maybe you won’t consider that there is an actual reason to get violent over Obamacare.

They won’t report this stuff because it makes their “sort of a god” lose face. Reporting be damned.

The Forgotten War Apparently Not Forgotten By The Losers

Nobody in the USA (aside from those who were in it) seems to know anything about the conflict in Korea. Well, it started on this day in 1950. We won by the way. The North Koreans signed an armistice with us in ’53 and broke it this year.

The radio news says there was a big crowd in the North, protesting against us (or something) on the anniversary. I’m so sure they all gathered there spontaneously, on their own initiative. And have electricity in their homes. And indoor plumbing.

For those who have forgotten, This:

Was the reason we fought until we got This:

Socialism: 100,000,000 citizens dead at the whim of their own governments can’t be wrong!