Complete and total vindication of Donald Trump, and it means nothing to the political opposition

OK so the Mueller report says there was no collusion between any Americans and the Russians trying to mess with the election.  This reinforces the similar conclusion from the Senate’s investigation.  According to people who are willing to listen to investigators on both sides of the political aisle:

There was


any evidence that the Trump campaign was conspiring with Russian agents to interfere with the 2016 election.  There was never any evidence of it.

. . . except for the Steele dossier.  The Steele dossier, which was paid for by Clinton dollars and was full of literally false information.  Including known lies and a prank from 4chan idiots involving prostitutes and urine.  It was known by the FBI to be Clinton opposition research FAKE stories, the dossier.  Some people in the FBI tried to warn other people in the FBI that it was fake and they should be careful with it.  What did they do? they lied to the FISC to get their warrant, and lied again to renew it three times.

So we are interested in the truth, yes?  We are willing to spend ten-millions of dollars and employ dozens of people for years to find the truth, yes?  We don’t want criminal activity to go unpunished, n’est-ce pas?  If that is the case then the question should now properly shift to: why was this done?

Some of us have a pretty good idea of why.  But you’ll want me to take off my tinfoil hat before telling you.  It will sound like madness today.  Let the investigation be concluded and then you will find yourself so shocked at the depth and malignity of this scandal that you will hardly believe it could be real.


So now the press corps will shift to mention of Obstruction of Justice by Don John Trump.  I will only remind you of the requirements for a case of obstruction of justice:

  1. There must have been a crime under investigation
  2. The investigation/trial process must have been obstructed somehow, or with corrupt intent someone intended to obstruct the process.

Donald Trump did not collluuuuuuuude with muhRussians to mess around in the election.  There was never a crime and everyone in the investigation knew that.  SO there cannot have been obstruction of justice.  Donald Trump actually took no action to impede the investigation (contrariwise, he co-operated (!) as stated by Messrs Mueller and Barr).  SO there cannot have been obstruction of justice.  The President is the absolute boss of the Department of Justice. He could literally have fired everyone and stopped the investigation.  He could have insisted his underlings stop or actually impede the investigation in various ways, and he never did.  The absolute worst you find in the Mueller report is that he was frustrated and wanted the investigation to stop but utterly failed to stop the investigation.  If words mean anything, then there was no obstruction of Justice by D.J.Trump.

Judge the quality of your chosen source of news accordingly.

From the “Duh, me” category: Arctic sea ice vs. temperature, a sudden realization

People who are paying attention to Watts Up With That will perhaps have beaten me to this realization, but it just occurred to me and although it seems rather obvious in retrospect, I made a spiffy visualization that I felt like sharing.

Ok so we’re supposed to panic about the loss of area of arctic sea ice, right? The poor polar bears and their fraudulently-claimed-as-dying photographs, a dEaTH SpiRaL of shrinking summer ice extents, etc., right?  Except that the sea ice seems to have not got the memo, and it has pretty much stabilized for the last decade: 

ok, cool, but we’re still going to die from the global warming though right?

Yeah not so much on that, too.  The number to watch is the temperature anomaly reported by the University of Huntsville at Alabama.  The UAH temperature record is more-or-less a straight recording of the global temperature, without shenanigans like parking temperature monitoring stations at the end of a runway, or putting the thermometer in a box painted brown such as have been producing some of the recent RECORD HIGH TEMPERATURE headlines.  UAH shows a gradual increase from the start of the record, a sharp increase during the El Nino event in 1998, and then it’s pretty much flat after that as well.  Dig it: 

I saw the NOAA sea ice chart and noticed there’s a knee right around 1998.  Then I remembered the super El Nino that seemingly shifted the temperature of the world right around the same time, and the hamsters got on the wheel and started running . . . and I decided to see for myself what these charts look like, overlaid.

So I flipped the Annual Sea Ice Extent chart, stretched it to overlay the scale of time, and stretched it again to overlay the extent with UAH’s global temperature anomaly.  I shouldn’t have been surprised that the match was pretty much bang-on, but I was a little.  Behold: UAH 6.0 temperature vs. NOAA Sea Ice Extent:

Maybe I stretched it a little too much vertically, but you get the idea: One might be forgiven for thinking that these numbers have something to do with each other!  Anyway, if my hunch plays out and we get some global cooling because of the low solar activity in the next (looks at wristwatch) year or three or ten, the Arctic sea ice should start to rebound nicely, and we’ll end up back in the gray area on this chart:

at which point, either we’ll be feasting on headlines about anything but this news of global significance, or if it is reported, the USA will be ignored as a world leader in the reduction of CO2 emissions on a fairly frequent basis (Paris Accord withdrawal notwithstanding) and the role of Sol in the temperature of the Earth will be staunchly ignored.

We’ll see, I guess.

Scientists Fit Good Data To Bad, Global Warming Resumes

This is as much an online placeholder for me as for you. In the future, when people wonder “what do you mean, scientists adjust the temperature data to make it look warmer?” I can point them to this article right here. One of the two satellite-based temperature records wasn’t showing any warming, so the guys doing the recording have decided to make their very good data fit some iffy data, so it will agree with the politicians’ conclusions.


Medically-Fragile, As If It Makes A Difference!

The Todd & Don show today opened with two minutes (before I changed channels) talking about how great it was that the Clerk in Austin has signed off on the first “gay marriage” license in Texas.  They mocked those of us who understand things better than they do:

“So now two people got married, I guess your marriage is falling apart hahaha”

To which I will respond with reductio ad absurdum:

So now someone stole grapes from the grocery store, I guess you don’t have as much fruit at your house hahaha
So now a woman got raped, I guess your vagina hurts hahaha
Someone was murdered I guess now you are dead hahaha

Just because something doesn’t have an immediate direct negative effect in my life, does not mean it is good for us to allow it to go on.  To argue that your opponent is somehow oafish or foolish to think something should not be allowed to go on “just” because it is bad for society, is to highlight your status as an oaf, fool, or both.

I take this opportunity to remind you of my excellent essay on the topic of why “gay marriage” is bad, and why it is even so much as a topic of discussion (let alone an actual thing) in the modern USAmerican political discourse.


They kept repeating on the radio how this one couple of lickers was granted a special case because one of them is “medically fragile” due to having cancer.  Well excuuuuuuse me I think I should be allowed to get away with robbing your house because I have cancer.  I should be allowed to walk up to you and slit your throat will screaming how my god is the best, because I have cancer.  What a bunch of jerks!

For Your Own Good, Citizen!

In addition to me, Istapundit also sees the truth.  In case anyone decides to act in a few years as if this could not possibly have been foreseen, I present the following quote for future reference:

First force the savings, then confiscate!“-Glenn Reynolds, Jan 24, 2015

The Democrats, having thoroughly lost the ability to make it happen when they lost control of Congress, have proposed a bill.  This bill is going to be described in the national press as being “for” the workers who just can’t seem to get it done on their own.  Expect Republican opposition to fold like a house of cards once the wind of “for the people” starts blowing in the press (unless the new Congress is really “different, this time!”).

The bill, if they think they can’t get it passed, is probably an attempt to make the Republicans look like jerks that hate workers of the country.  Truly, it is a display of their hand.  Not that they’ve been playing very close to the chest recently, but they’re really tipping the cards down here.

Senators Whitehouse and Neal introduce retirement savings bill.  The workers aren’t saving for retirement because their mean-ol’ baddy CAPITALIST bosses don’t offer them an expensive plan for tax-preferred savings.  That’s it.  No, it’s not that the national monetary policy prevents the dollars people earn from being enough to live on.  No, it’s not that 20-somethings can’t be bothered to think about retirement savings (due to bad national education policy).  It’s because it’s not automatic.  Not because people chose to invest somewhere else with their own money.  No, we’re going to shrink your pay checks because we know better than you what should be done with your money.  You WILL be enrolled in an Individual Retirement Account.  IRAs for everyone!  (not 529 plans though, those are only for evil people now).

For the time being, enrollment is voluntary.  They don’t think the courts are friendly-enough to mandatory wealth confiscation for retirement savings in addition to the mandatory wealth confiscation for retirement savings already provided by the Social Security system.  Those who are smart will opt-out of these plans as soon as they are offered.  IF you have enough free money every pay check (after bills and debt service) to invest, buy gold or guns/ammo.  Durable Things.  Not legal constructs.  As one wise man has pointed out:

“If you depend on the legal constructs of wicked men to help you save money, don’t be surprised when they take it from you, legally.”

The proposal was already fielded to cause you to convert your 401(k) into investments in USA’s national debt notes instead of whatever you wanted to invest in with your money.  The proposal has been fielded to limit how much of your money you will be able to save.  Now we have a proposal to take MORE than the 12% of your pay going to social security already, and invest that for your retirement as well.

VFD, IRAs for everyone is a GOOD idea!

No.   Voluntary IRAs at everyone’s discretion, invested as they see fit, would be a good idea.  Involuntary (or automatic) IRAs for everyone invested in places the government chooses, is a bad idea.


Let me be clear:
The end game is: after your money has been taken for your “individual” IRA, the money will be found to be inequitably distributed.  There will still be people who “need help” out there.  It’s just not fair that you set money aside, and these people have none.  In the interest of the greater good, and for fairness, we will take your individual account and socialize it.  Mark me well: unless something drastic happens, your 401(k), IRA, and yes eventually even your Social Security “savings” are all going to be confiscated and spread around to those who are less-fortunate.  You may have some of it back when the government says so.  If you obey.

Honor the Faithful Dead

…by doing what they were doing, which is not worthy of death, but for which they were killed.  In solidarity with the admittedly-often-offensive cartoonists killed at Charlie Weekly:

I found this in Zombietime’s collection of images of mohammed the false prophet of the made-up religion of violence-until-everyone-else-is-dead style “peace” a.k.a. islam.

Me, I like what we did in the barbary states when we were young much more than what we’re doing now with all this pandering political correctness in order to assuage the feelings of people who hate us for not being how they think we should be.*


*yes, it is a run-on sentence.  Think about it.

If you are unfortunate-enough to not understand written French, this one is worth a trip to Google Translate.

Dirka Dirka Jihad

We turned on the televisor to a news channel last night and  there was a scene of obvious police activity with a scroll text saying something about two policemen being killed in New York City.  As I am the font of all wisdom when it comes to politics and current affairs in our home, DW turned and asked me

DW: What’s going on?
VFD: I dunno, I guess a couple cops got killed in NY.  I call dirka-dirka jihad.

I had a slight reservation though, thinking it would be possibly some crazy person who was “only” crazy.  The initial narrative later in the day was this was “payback” for the death of E. Garner in police custody.  That didn’t quite jibe with the cop-killer shooting his own girlfriend earlier in the day, nor with his suicide.  You could barely find out the killer was black, but it could be guessed from the narrative being woven in front of our eyes.  Then today we read that some bum on the street forgot to check with the national press as to what sort of guy this was supposed to be.  Turns out the New York cop killer was a muslim, attempting to strike fear in their hearts.  Like a good muslim. 

Oops.  We’ll see this week how much press coverage THAT little factoid gets!

Hat tip: Instapundit


He was also apparently an idiot.  Anyone who thinks it is useful in any way to go kill some police as vengeance for the death of someone who died of ill health while in custody of the police, is a fool.  If you think Garner was killed BY police, you are either a fool or very poorly-informed.  If you think killing police in the USA solves or helps anything, or will make them LESS inclined toward violence, you have another thing coming.  And if you go try to make a political statement with violence* and then kill yourself after you have spoken, you are a coward.  Face the consequences of your choices like a man.  Mohammed didn’t kill HIMself after he murdered people, now did he?

*yes, political statement.  He thought police should have a different policy, which would lead to a different outcome for Garner and all others similarly situated.  That is politics.  Marching in the street is a way to protest.  Killing police is a much less-useful way, but still is a way to protest.  He made a political statement and then chickened out of the prison that would be coming afterward.  For a contrasting example, here is someone who actually made a difference in the politics of an oppressive government who is an example of not hiding from jail time.

Tell Me Again, How This is Not Evil

Today we learn that the President of the United States is directing his government to ignore the criminal histories of applicants for long term visas who want to come to the USA.  Also, Professor “the people are too stupid to accept Obamacare” Gruber is testifying before Congress today.  President Obama is also revealed to have not signed an executive order, but merely to have merely written a memorandum of instruction to DHS to not deport 5 million illegal aliens.  But you don’t hear much of that on the alphabet news networks because the CIA “torture” report summary is also being released today.

 Nevermind that no-one in the press has had time to read the 500+ page document yet, they are going to run with it for probably a week.  You are learning that Brown was attacking the cop and Garner was never choked at all, and we need a new distraction. So this.

 The serious people who should be listened to have repeatedly stressed that releasing this report will lead to violence and death.  But, you see, we need something really BIG to distract you now.  So we’ll release it.

Hold on there.

 I have often said that “war is the pointy end of politics” and I reiterate it here, with a real-life example for you of how the axiom is true.  They release this report.  It causes outrage among people who already are outraged at us because of who they are, and this will lead to violence and death.  Death of foreigners (who cares!?) and also death of YOUR CHILDREN in the American military, in the future wars to come.

 Your elected heroes and their appointed flunkies are sacrificing the lives of people in the future, for a *slight* political expediency today.  But hey, it’s just politics.

 Way to elect ’em, America.  Way to go.

Tin Foil Hats Optional

Presented for your consideration: alleged evidence that the leftist agenda is set by the super-rich and played off as for-the-downtrodden-masses.  It’s no good summarizing just click here.

It is worth noting that this is a shining example of the political left doing what they accuse the right of doing.  As the saying goes, “A thief in every face a thief sees”, they accuse the conservatives of doing what they, the left, do as a matter of course.  Conspiracy to set the agenda and make it look like grass roots?  Check.  Huge rich donors supporting leaders of the radical cause?  Check.  Richass rich people not giving their zillions to the poor while claiming to want to help the poor?  Check.  Et cet era.  Hat tip: Instapundit, again.


Here’s a hint for consumption of whatpasses as news these days: if it sounds like it’s wrong, it might be because a shadowy organization of leftists want the press to present it as truth.  Nobody you know believes it but it is presented as the majority opinion because They want it to be presented that way.  You are not the wacko.  They are.